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TechnologyNew Apple TV 4K gets fix for storage space bug

New Apple TV 4K gets fix for storage space bug

The 128GB storage model of the Apple TV 4K has a frustrating problem that prevents users from installing programmes larger than 64GB.

This time, though, the Cupertino-based tech giant has begun to distribute a remedy via its fresh tvOS 16.1.1 update.

Apple TV 4K 128GB Storage Bug

You undoubtedly anticipate loading it up with a tonne of apps if you purchased a third-generation Apple TV 4K streaming device with 128GB of internal storage.
However, several customers discovered at the beginning of this week that the 128GB edition could only fill up to 64GB, according to a recent report by Mac World.

Users are unable to install new apps once their 64GB storage limit has been exceeded.

The streaming gadget therefore prevents consumers from adding additional games or streaming apps, even if they haven’t reached their 128GB storage limit.

It turns out that tvOS 16.1 has a problem that, at least when installing apps and games, restricts users to 64GB.

The error message “The app can’t be installed because there isn’t enough space” appears when users reach that limit.

Even though Apple TV customers still have 50% of their storage capacity available, the message advises them to uninstall some apps in order to free up space.

tvOS 16.1.1 Update Fixes Annoying Storage Bug

Having said that, the creator of the iPhone has now published a new tvOS update that fixes the severe storage problem with the Apple TV 4K.

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The latest tvOS 16.1.1 software update appears to directly solve the storage bug, according to a recent article by Apple Insider.

Because of this, storage will no longer be reduced by half for Apple TV owners when they install the most recent tvOS version. They ought to be able to download a number of applications and games without getting an error notice.

How to Install the Latest tvOS Version

There are two options available to Apple TV owners, according to Apple Insider’s news report. They might hold off and let the upgrade run its course. Owners can also manually access the software update.

Go to the Settings app and choose the System option to manually update. Go to the software updates from there. Pick the “Update Software” button next.

The Apple TV 4K’s storage capacity should return to normal after that has been resolved.


Why is my Apple TV storage full?

The amount of storage used increases as more apps are downloaded to the Apple TV. You might at some point receive a warning that your disc space is running low. If so, you can delete apps to make room for them.

When was the last update for Apple TV?

Apple launches tvOS 15.5 on May 25, 2022.

1 is now available for the Apple TV HD and both Apple TV 4K models, with minor platform-wide bug fixes. The most recent patch fixes an issue that resulted in music abruptly ceasing to play.

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