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TechnologyNetflix Student Discount: How to get Netflix Student Discount in 2022

Netflix Student Discount: How to get Netflix Student Discount in 2022

Being a student can be incredibly expensive because you frequently have a limited budget. When you want to subscribe to Netflix, things become even more difficult. Life could be a little easier if Netflix offered a student discount, but will that even be possible in 2022? Learn more here.
The most well-known streaming service is Netflix, which has a sizable library of films, television episodes, documentaries, and a tonne of other content for viewers of all tastes. It does, however, have a significant subscription cost.

The Basic Netflix package costs $9.99 per month, while the Standard and Premium plans cost $15.99 and $19.99, respectively. When you are only a student and don’t have a stable source of income, this may seem like a lot.

Does Netflix offer a Student Discount in 2022?

No. In 2022, Netflix won’t offer a student discount. You cannot use your college ID card to obtain the streaming service at a lower price than the going rate. Even as a student, you’ll have to fork over a hefty membership price to view your preferred shows.

You can watch a lot of Netflix series, movies, and documentaries when you’re a teenager. Some excellent examples include Sex Education, 13 Reasons Why, Pitch Perfect, Life of the Party, etc.
To watch them, though, you’ll need a Netflix subscription; there isn’t a student discount because it doesn’t exist. However, you can use your student ID to gain a discount on other services, like Amazon Prime.

Why doesn’t Netflix offer a Student Discount?

Netflix has never publicly announced that it is giving students a special discount or promotion. They haven’t even bothered to offer an explanation of why. One prevailing view, however, contends that Netflix doesn’t provide a student discount because it fears significant revenue losses.

Teenagers and young adults are the primary target audience for the majority of the Netflix series and films. Only 50% of Netflix customers are over 35, according to a survey by Appinventive. As a result, the majority of Netflix customers are high school and college students.
Netflix will see lower revenue, which would eventually translate into lower profits, if it starts giving its service to students at a discount. Instead, Netflix thinks that because of how excellent the content in its library is, people will be willing to pay the full price for it.

Will Netflix ever offer a Student Discount in the Future?

As of October 2022, it doesn’t appear that Netflix has any immediate intentions to provide a student discount. As they don’t think they have a justification for that, they appear to have no plans to do so at the moment.

Instead, Netflix favours making significant investments in its library. Every month, a sizable number of new episodes and films are added, including originals. A staggering 129 original films were made by Netflix and released during the final quarter of 2021.
Netflix released 17 original films in 2022, including Matilda, Pinocchio, Love and Leashes, and Codename: Emperor. Every day that goes by, the library becomes more fascinating and spicier. It makes every effort to support the increased price.

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However, given that Netflix recently disclosed significant quarterly losses, we can’t completely rule out the potential of stronger offers appearing in the future. Student discounts would be a terrific strategy for them to adopt if they were trying to find ways to increase user traffic and income.

Let’s find out what the future holds. We can only hope that Netflix releases a student plan soon, exactly like Amazon Prime, its fiercest rival.

How do you feel?

What is Netflix

When it comes to on-demand video streaming services globally, Netflix is the best. There are more than 148 million paying subscribers to this movie and television library worldwide.

You may watch your favourite movies on Netflix on your TV, computer, Playstation, Xbox, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. And even then, that isn’t the finest part.

How to Get Netflix Student Discount & Free Subscription

The alternatives to using Netflix as a student are listed below.

Netflix 30-day Unlimited Free Trial

The 30-day, limitless free trial of Netflix is the first choice. This trick may take some time, but it is completely effective.

Obtaining free Netflix for 30 days is simple, unlike the Netflix student discount. You only need an email address that hasn’t been used to sign up for Netflix.
Remember to cancel your membership before the free trial expires as well.

To obtain your first Netflix free trial, kindly adhere to the following requirements precisely:

  • First, go to Netflix.com. Create an account using your email address and click “TRY 30 DAYS FREE” to start your free trial.
  • Select “SEE THE PLANS” and choose the plan you prefer. Since it’s free, you can absolutely go premium (if you like). Then click Continue.
  • Now you must create your account by entering your email address that has not been linked to any Netflix account and setting your password.
  • Select a different payment method if you have registered before.
  • Enter your name, and billing information, then select “Start Membership.”
  • Then, enjoy the shows but cancel the free trial subscription plan before that ongoing 30-day expires.

Netflix doesn’t actually allow multiple free trials

If you use a different email address and a different payment method, such as a prepaid credit card, you can sign up once more.

Netflix will frequently send you an offer for another free trial if you wait and cancel your account, although this could take many months to complete.
The exciting part is now here. You’ll observe that the rate of the subscription decreases to a particular level after receiving several free trials. It could take a few tries to get it right.

Choose the cheapest option to get unlimited Netflix movies and TV shows. Although it can take a while, the Netflix student discount is unquestionably worthwhile.

If you want this to work, don’t forget to terminate your free trials.

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Share with your family and friends

You can continue using your parents’ Netflix subscription if you are a college student. Another way to access Netflix for free is through this.
No matter which plan you’re on, you can have up to five different profiles under a single Netflix account.

Plan Options Price Screens
Basic plan $8.99 1
Standard plan $12.99 2
Premium plan $15.99 4

Netflix members are permitted to create five profiles; however, this does not entitle you to simultaneous Netflix streaming on five different devices.

Therefore, if you and a family member or friend are both on the basic plan, you might need to watch Netflix at various times throughout the day.

It is, indeed.
Sharing of Netflix passwords is fairly prevalent. In order to increase interest in and use of their products, Netflix essentially advertises the “shared accounts” function.

There are restrictions, though.

You may only use the Netflix service for personal, non-commercial purposes, and you are not allowed to share it with anybody outside of your family.

Netflix just made the implication that it was probably ok for students to share the same plan, hoping to attract a younger audience that would later subscribe once they graduated from college.
But as things have gotten out of hand, it appears that Netflix is no longer as comfortable with password sharing as it once was.

Netflix special promotion

Utilizing special offers where certain businesses provide Netflix plans as gift vouchers is another fantastic option to receive something comparable to a Netflix student discount in 2022.
Here are a few examples:

  • If you have two or more lines, the telecom provider T-Netflix Mobile’s “On Us” programme will cover your Netflix payments. Depending on the plan you choose to purchase, it will cover your Netflix Basic or Standard plan.
  • Additionally, Gigabit Connection Internet package provider Verizon once collaborated with Netflix to offer a full-year deal, saving you $190 annually. They recently moved us over to Disney+ for a 12-month promotion, though.
  • Purchasing a discounted Netflix gift card is another way to save cash. Raise, Gift Card Granny, Cardpool, CardCash, Gift Card Spread, and others are some of the top gift card businesses. They do, however, provide various discounts on the same goods.

Because the majority of Netflix discounts and promo codes simply don’t work, this approach cannot be relied upon to obtain a Netflix subscription for students. Many websites that offer gift coupons assert that you can obtain six months for free or covertly offer a free trial after signing up.

Alternatives to Netflix Student Discounts

Netflix Alternatives

There isn’t really a direct competitor to Netflix because it creates so much original material. Even the Netflix originals are exclusive to the service.
A lot of user-favorite television episodes and movies that Netflix did not create themselves are also available to stream, but this is always changing.

Like Netflix, other services also have exclusive series and films, and they all compete to provide the widest selection.

The top Netflix alternatives with student discounts are listed below.

Amazon Student Prime

Unlike Netflix, which only offers a one-month free trial, the Amazon Prime Student Discount gives you access to a six-month free trial. Anytime can be used to end the free trial. You can watch Prime original videos and take advantage of a number of online deals that are not available on Netflix.

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Depending on the user’s home configuration, Amazon Prime Video’s platform offers a tonne of TV shows and movies. Additionally, it may be viewed in HD and 4K resolutions.
Additionally, students receive free shipping on a variety of Amazon purchases.

Students also receive unlimited photo storage and savings on new video game and merchandise pre-orders.

Students have access to discounted prices, special offers, and coupons while renting and purchasing textbooks.


Consider Hulu as a possible replacement for Netflix Student Discount in May 2022.It is a streaming service that makes a lot of TV shows available the same day they air or the following week. Additionally, it offers unique TV shows that are unavailable elsewhere.

You can use premium services and spend half as much while enjoying original video streaming online for just 4.99 USD each month.
Unlike Netflix, HULU does not provide a student discount; nevertheless, it is offered in a student package alongside Spotify and Showtime. Hulu and Showtime are both yours for free when you sign up for the student discount on Spotify.
There is no way to upgrade the Hulu membership; it is an ad-supported package.

Youtube Premium

With YouTube Premium, you can view exclusive TV episodes and films, get rid of the ads from regular YouTube videos, and use the YouTube Music service.

You may actually select a family plan discount or a student discount when you sign up. Additionally, you will save roughly 60% off the regular cost, and you will receive all the benefits of a regular subscription.

You must cancel or switch to a normal subscription if you graduate or leave school because it requires verification every year.


One of the many fantastic student discounts available to you is for HBO. Students only have to pay 5 USD per month for membership, which has a membership cost of 14.99 USD per month.

Additionally, it has a cancelable “pay-on-the-go” offer ad that you may access at any moment.

However, in order to qualify for the 5 USD each month, students must be enrolled in at least one college course at a Title IV degree-granting institution. Verify your student status to take advantage of this promotion.

You can also give this service a 30-day trial before paying anything for it. Every new user is eligible for this deal. If the service does not meet your needs after a trial, you can decide to stop using it.

You must cancel within 29 days if you don’t want to be charged for the service. If you want to keep going, answer the renewal prompt.


Does Netflix have a student discount?

No, Netflix doesn’t offer similar reductions for students. However, you could sign up for a Netflix trial or another option.

Does Netflix still give free trials?

For qualified users, Netflix will give them one month of service at no cost.

Which is better Netflix or Amazon Prime?

If you only take TV shows into account, Netflix essentially beats Prime Video. However, Prime Video provides both good Hollywood movies and top-notch regional cinema.

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