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CelebrityNam Laks Net Worth 2023: Age, Bio, career, Relationship & more

Nam Laks Net Worth 2023: Age, Bio, career, Relationship & more

American socialite and fashion icon Nam Laks is of Thai descent. The Blair Waldorf of Thailand is another name for her. Nam was awarded the title not merely because of her wealth, social standing, and sense of style but also because of her sheltered upbringing and childlike innocence. Nam Laks’ net worth is projected to be around $100,000 as of 2023.

Who is Nam Laks?

Full Name Nam Laks
Date of Birth In February 1994
Age 29 years old
Born Place Thailand
Profession Fashion influencer
Net Worth $100 thousand
Relationship Status Unknown

Thailand-born Nam Laks is a reality television star and fashion influencer. Her appearance on the Netflix series Bling Empire: New York is well-known. Nam was depicted in the first season of the Netflix series as a Columbia University student. Laks was born in Thailand in February 1994. She was one of Nakorn Laksanakarn’s three children and a prominent Thai businessman and executive.

Nam and her two brothers spent the most of their formative years in Bangkok. For her academic studies, she attended Harrow International School and the International School Bangkok.She afterwards relocated to England in order to enrol at the University of Manchester. She then pursued a master’s degree at Columbia University. Her father had previously stated that he wanted her to earn a higher education degree, so she concentrated on finishing her Master’s. She then enrolled at the New York School in a wellness programme.

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Nam Laks Net Worth & Career

Nam Laks loved New York after attending the New York School. She stayed in New York after graduating. But if she didn’t get a job there, she’d have to return to Thailand. In the Netflix series, Laks claimed she loves her family, especially her fatherYork after graduating. But if she didn’t get a job there, she’d have to return to Thailand. In the Netflix series, Laks claimed she loves her family, especially her father. She’s a daddy’s little girl. Her father didn’t always treat her like a princess. She had many ways to convince her father.

She moved to New York because she wanted to challenge herself. Despite wanting to be independent, she had no control over her expensive spending and no part-time work. She had a personal stylist for events and school.
Laks lived at the luxurious Latham Hotel. She also overspent on fashionable clothes. Nam’s father pondered disowning her if she couldn’t sustain herself in New York after graduating due to her extravagant lifestyle.

Laks’ Bangkok fast food experienceShe hated her job because she felt unfit for it. According to her social media, she has lived in Bangkok since graduating from Columbia University in 2022. She appears to split her time between Bangkok and New York, however.

The Netflix original series “Bling Empire” made Nams famous. She started the show. The second season of the Netflix sitcom about eight rich cast members premiered on January 20, 2023. The new series features Dorothy Wang, Tina Leung, Richard Chang, Lynn Ban, Blake Abbie, Stephen Hung, and Vika.

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Nam Laks’ Boyfriend & Personal Life

Unknown is Nam Laks’ current romantic situation. She has, however, been associated with Kristoff, a resident of London. In the Bahamas, she first met him in a pub. Unexpectedly, Dorothy Wang asked Kristoff to go on a pleasant Girls + Blake Abbie trip with his pals Aristidis “Ari” Kourkoumelis and Tina Leung. Tina Leung, however, didn’t seem interested in him. Lynn Ban then shoved Kristoff in the direction of Nam. She initially gave off the impression that she was a little embarrassed, but in the end, she hung out with him for an extra day.

According to Dorothy Wang, the only time Nam Laks liked Kristoff was when he assured her he would pay for their return airfare. Nam said that she had maintained contact with Kristoff via SMS because he is such a kind person. However, it appears that she has blocked him because Kristoff is completely absent from her Instagram feed and tales. Laks has 8626 followers on Instagram, where she can be found with the handle @namlaks.

Nam Laks Net Worth

As of 2023, Nam Laks’ net worth was predicted to be $100,000. She is still considering her job alternatives and has not yet decided which industry is the best fit for her. Lakshmi may be earning a sizable sum from her appearance in a Netflix series, but her specific compensation has not been made public.

Is Nam Laks Dating?

Nam Laks is not currently dating anyone. She isn’t looking for a relationship right now because she is too preoccupied with her career.

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She acknowledges the importance of putting her career first and concentrating on her own goals before entering a relationship.

Nam Laks has discovered that relationships may frequently be distracting and undermine her ability to focus on her career. She also acknowledges that when she is ready for a relationship, it will be much simpler to find one once she has established herself in her career and met her own goals.

Nam Laks Training

Graduate studies at the Otherworldliness Brain Body Establishment of Colombia College

A school for teachers in New York

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