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EntertainmentWho is Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer Girlfriend Katarina Miketin?

Who is Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer Girlfriend Katarina Miketin?

Former Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer From 2014 until 2021, he oversaw the football squad as its coach. He worked as a defensive assistant with the Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons, and Cincinnati Bengals from 1994 through 2013 before joining the Minnesota Vikings.
Mike Zimmer is not currently looking for a date when it comes to his personal life. The ex-coach of the Minnesota Vikings is currently dating supermodel Katarina Miketis. What about Katarina Miketin? Read on to discover all about the personal and professional life of Mike Zimmer’s girlfriend, Katarina Miketin.

Here’s all you need to know about Mike Zimmer’s girlfriend Katarina Miketin (including her profession, age, and more)

Coach Mike Zimmer of the Vikings is dating Katarina Miketis. Mike and Katarina have long been the subject of relationship rumors.Last year, they gently announced their relationship.

The images of Mike and Katarina surfaced online in November 2022. The admirers are now eager to learn more about the couple’s relationship. Katarina was contacted by Egotastic Sports via Instagram to inquire about her relationship with Zimmer. She gave a “yes” in answer.

Additionally, Katarina shared a photo of herself in a Vikings jersey from the year 2018. She works as a supermodel full-time. She currently has over 400k followers on the social media platform Instagram.She has 967 posts on her Instagram page as of right now.
We noticed a few images of the supermodel from her travels around the world, a number of pictures of her with her close friends and family, and even images of her from paid photo assignments when we browsed through her Instagram page.

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Katarina Miketin is also a businesswoman

In addition to modelling, Miketin has spent time in senior roles at a number of prestigious financial institutions. She is also a businesswoman, mother, swimsuit model, and social media influencer.
Katarina is 40 years old right now. She has appeared twice in Maxim and once in Sports Illustrated. She admitted to moving to the US with her parents when she was a little child from Yugoslavia, which is now regarded as Serbia, in an interview with Maxim.
According to a number of media sources, Miketin holds a psychology bachelor’s degree. She once served as the National Honor Society for Psychology’s president. In addition, she graduated in 2015 with a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

In a conversation with the media, Katarina stated, “I worked in banking for a while, but discovered that it was not a good fit for me and my happiness.” As a result, I made the decision to quit and own a bike shop—my newest and most thrilling endeavour! Being a mother, a company entrepreneur, remaining in shape, and having influence all at once is incredibly challenging, but I’ve learned that by sacrificing certain things, I can accomplish a lot.

Mike Zimmer Vikings challenge for 2021 NFL playoffs

The Vikings have won back-to-back games and are currently 5-5 in Zimmer’s professional tenure. Being in town since 2014 and having only led the Vikings to the playoffs three times, he came into the season with his job in jeopardy.

There is excitement all around as a result of Zimmer and Kirk Cousins’ recent connection. It still comes as a surprise when Zimmer leaves work and visits his supermodel lover at home. This has to be the biggest surprise of the 2021 season, and NFL coaches aren’t short on them.

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Who is Katarina Elizabeth Miketin?

Katarina Elizabeth Miketin, who is she? Katarina is well-known for being Mike Zimmer’s girlfriend, the head coach of the Vikings. She was born on November 17, 1982, in Duluth, Minneapolis, Minnesota.She will be 40 years old as of 2022, according to this.

Does Mike Zimmer have a job?

On Tuesday, Mike Zimmer was introduced as the 33rd Team’s newest member.

Did Mike Zimmer wife pass away?

Mike Zimmer’s spouse was Vikki Zimmer. 2009 saw the natural death at home of Vikki. When she passed away, she was 50 years old.



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