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TechnologyMicrosoft warns of Remote Desktop freezes on Windows 11 22H2

Microsoft warns of Remote Desktop freezes on Windows 11 22H2

Your Windows Remote Desktop application may stop or crash as a result of a recent Windows 11 problem.
Users of Windows 11 22H2 are impacted by this software bug.
The new system bug will undoubtedly irritate anyone working in a business atmosphere because it impacts the Remote Desktop programme.
If you fall into this category, here is how the new Windows 11 problem functions and how to repair it if your Remote Desktop software ever crashes.

New Windows 11 Bug Freezes Remote Desktop App

The most recent complaint from XDA Developers claims that customers who attempt to connect the Remote Desktop gateway or the Remote Desktop Connection Broker to other devices experience the new Windows 11-22H2 problem.
The problem also arises when you use RemoteApp and Desktop Connections or a set of Remote Desktop Services.

When the problem starts acting up, users will see error messages like “Configuring remote connection” and “Loading virtual machine.”

Microsoft hasn’t officially fixed the software problem as of this writing. However, the IT company offered a solution; keep in mind that this is not entirely effective.

  • the Group Policy Editor/Group Policy Management Console first.
  • then take this route: Remote Desktop Connection Client is located under Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Remote Desktop Services.
  • After that, locate and turn on the “Turn off UDP on client” option. You only need to click “OK” once to restart your Windows machine.
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Possible Causes of the Bug

The remote desktop connection issues, according to Tech Target, are nothing new. These problems can occur for a number of reasons.

They consist of the following:

  • Your Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) may experience firewall issues, which might cause the Remote Desktop software to crash.
  • The primary causes of remote desktop software crashes may also include DNS difficulties.
    Your Remote Desktop app may freeze as a result of network failure if there isn’t a valid communications path.
  • To learn more about the causes of the Windows Remote Desktop app’s crashes, click here.
    Even though Windows 11 still has certain issues, Microsoft is adding numerous improvements to boost its functionality.

The new default security feature for Windows 11 was just released.

Additionally, the combination of Windows 11 and Android 13 is anticipated.


How can I stop Windows 11 from randomly freezing?

Users claim that doing a Windows memory test can solve the problem of random freezing in Windows 11. Step 1: Click OK after entering mdsched.exe by pressing Win+R. Step 2: In the pop-up box, select the first choice, “Restart now and check for problems” (recommended). Step 3: After the third reboot, Windows 11 will run the check procedure.

Does Windows 11 Home support RDP?

Use Windows 11 Pro or download the Remote Desktop programme as your first step.

Windows Remote Desktop is included in every version of Windows 11 Pro. The Remote Desktop programme might not be installed on Windows 10 Pro (or Home) or Windows 11 Home Edition. However, you can still use Windows 10 remote desktop.

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