TechnologyMicrosoft to detail the ‘future of work with AI’ during March 16th...

Microsoft to detail the ‘future of work with AI’ during March 16th event

Microsoft will hold another session next week focused on the “Future of Work with AI” to further examine how deep learning could impact other areas of technology. Microsoft is not yet finished talking about AI. The software giant has enormous plans for its other technologies and has recently delivered an event with AI integration for its Bing search engine.

There will be additional information about Microsoft’s AI adaptation during the event, and it is anticipated that their cooperation with OpenAI will expand the range of services they offer.

Microsoft ‘Future of Work with AI’ Event is Coming Next Week

Microsoft recently announced a new event, and it’s encouraging everyone to attend to learn more about “Future Work with AI,” which describes what the business has in store for this integration. The public can use AI in a growing number of applications and functionalities; thus, its integration is not just limited to browsers.

In this event, Microsoft would emphasise how AI helps shape the future of technology, particularly as it enters the workplace.

The event will take place on March 16 and will be streamed live beginning at 8 a.m. Pacific Time to provide further information about how the expanding usage of artificial intelligence will affect the workplace.

What to Expect on Microsoft’s AI Event for Work?

The many AI integrations present in the various work and commercial parts of the organisation, led by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, will be delivered alongside Jared Spataro.

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Although it would concentrate more on how businesses are adjusting to AI, OpenAI’s technology, according to Engadget, may deliver advancements for Microsoft’s work-related products, such as Azure and Office 365.

Microsoft and its AI Applications

Unfamiliar to many, Microsoft used an AI for the platform years ago before Bing’s ChatGPT integration gave its search engine a major boost. Sydney was the name of the AI, and Microsoft had earlier unveiled a chatbot-like conversation assistant for the search engine to aid users in their searches.

The public can now take advantage of ChatGPT on the web, which was published last February, thanks to the strategic relationship between Microsoft and OpenAI.

The fact that Bing with ChatGPT is still in the beta testing stage means that there are still a lot of issues that Microsoft needs to fix.

The next event would be used to reveal Microsoft’s new ambitions for its Business and Work suite, which will purportedly benefit from the power of AI. The recent surge in Microsoft events is a result of their newly discovered AI features, with OpenAI also playing a big part and the public receiving information soon.

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