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TechnologyMicrosoft starts rolling out ChatGPT integration for select users on desktop, iOS...

Microsoft starts rolling out ChatGPT integration for select users on desktop, iOS launching ‘soon’

The well-known ChatGPT interface with Microsoft Bing is now fully integrated into the desktop experience for customers, allowing them to harness the power of AI on the browser developed by the software business. The only hitch is that customers would need to be placed on a waitlist in order to enjoy Bing with ChatGPT on their Microsoft Edge browsers.

The situation is the same for users of mobile devices, primarily those running Android and iOS, who must wait for its planned integration with mobile apps.

Microsoft Bing with ChatGPT Now Available on the Desktop

Microsoft has already started emailing current Bing users and beta testers of the Bing with ChatGPT experience. Here, they’re highlighting the positive interaction with the email recipient and dropping hints about what’s to come, with an emphasis on stronger AI integration.
Early-Bing ChatGPT users on desktops may be able to enjoy all of the features and capabilities that Microsoft promised when they initially introduced this service.

The email informs the user that Bing with ChatGPT is now available and invites them to investigate it while concentrating on its AI capabilities for their web browsing.

Mobile Apps, iOS to Wait for Microsoft’s Release

This email has hints regarding Microsoft’s Bing app receiving the same integration as its web features via Microsoft Edge, according to Windows Latest.

Microsoft stated that although Bing has apps for several platforms now, its mobile integration and experience are still in the works.

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The business advised customers to check back for more information about the release of their mobile app for Bing, which would include ChatGPT features.

Both Google Play and the Apple App Store offer the Bing app.

Bing with ChatGPT Integration

The past several weeks have been enormous for the AI sector, as individuals all over the world have benefited from the major announcements made by Google and Microsoft, who introduced a new browsing experience. With ChatGPT, Microsoft made one of the biggest contributions to Bing’s AI integration, especially given that the business had already produced a functional version that was widely accessible.

The sole drawback of Microsoft is that it is not currently operating at full capacity, necessitating the creation of a queue to accommodate those who wish to experiment.
Now that Google’s Bing and Microsoft’s Bing—two of the world’s two largest computer and internet companies—are attempting to conquer the internet, all eyes are on Big Tech.

The hottest trend right now is artificial intelligence, and Microsoft has fully embraced it to its advantage, especially through its strategic alliance with OpenAI to introduce this updated version of Bing. There is a backlog for desktop experience and mobile app creation, but the Redmond behemoth assures that once it is available, it will be well worth everyone time.

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