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TechnologyMicrosoft kills AltspaceVR and with it a piece of VR history

Microsoft kills AltspaceVR and with it a piece of VR history

AltspaceVR, a startup company that Microsoft bought in 2017, will soon be shut down and turned into a new service under the software company’s name. All of AltspaceVR’s users were informed of this by the team, which stated that they will now be concentrating on Microsoft Mesh, the brand-new AR/VR platform from the firm.

During its ten-year run, AltspaceVR gave everyone around the world a unique experience centered on a social VR platform where people could talk to each other.

Microsoft to Shutdown AltspaceVR

Microsoft has decided to “sunset” the AltspaceVR platform on March 10; as a result, the platform won’t be available to users for more than a month. This information was provided in a blog post by the AltVR team. AltspaceVR is best known as a social virtual reality platform that offers connectivity and conversation through a virtual environment.

Eric Romo created the business in 2013, and it debuted its first product in 2015. Numerous large corporations were interested in it, including Microsoft, which completed its acquisition in 2017.

At a time when VR was mostly thought of for gaming and entertainment, AltspaceVR provided the world with a real-time VR social experience that was years ahead of its time.

AltspaceVR to Live on to Mesh

According to the AltVR team, the Microsoft Mesh platform will continue to support their service.

The IT giant has developed a cloud-based mixed reality platform that focuses on social interactions using AR and VR. According to the business, virtual reality experiences will be supported on any device, including the Microsoft Holo Lens 2, other VR headsets, mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

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VR Platforms in the World

Virtual reality platforms are not just for the gaming industry; they are also used in other sectors of the economy. One of the more recent uses for VR is tourism, and experts predict that it will eventually displace traditional tours by allowing visitors to travel virtually and see and experience a place without actually being there.

People were confined to their houses as the pandemic shut down major cities and spread to other locations. Due to schools providing a virtual learning setup where some experience it via the platform instead of merely sitting in front of video conferencing apps, virtual reality was given a significant boost in terms of public adoption and acceptance.

There is also the well-known Meta Horizon Worlds, a service that combines social, gaming, and entertainment.

With the help of AltspaceVR, people can now connect with friends, family, and other community members on a new social level. Sadly, it will soon say goodbye, but that doesn’t mean it is completely gone because it will continue to exist as part of the Microsoft Mesh experience.

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