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TechnologyMeta rolls out new ad placements, formats on Instagram to help advertisers

Meta rolls out new ad placements, formats on Instagram to help advertisers

Finally, Meta declares that it will start running advertisements on Facebook and Instagram Reels. These advertisements will aid platforms in operating profitably.

Meta announces this statement:

We’re showing advertisers new ways to connect with people based on how they spend their time today, such as through video, messaging, ads, or AI-enhanced experiences. We’re also giving updates on our ongoing projects with industry partners.

The company claims that new capabilities are being added so that Instagram users and advertisers may communicate more effectively. Businesses can advertise there now that advertising is available in Explore Home, the grid that users see when they first click the Explore tab. As a result, the Explore tab will display more advertising to users.

“Post-loop” advertising is the latest style of short commercial; they are solo video ads that run for 4 to 10 seconds and can be skipped. The reel will resume and loop after the advertisement has finished playing. Many reels, like TikTok, are made to be watched multiple times. However, placing an advertisement at the end may cause viewers to scroll to a different video rather than return to the previous one. This is a dangerous step because users will probably find it unsatisfactory.

Instagram Reels ads

Now, brands can run advertisements in the Explore stream. Some producers will also have the option to post profile advertising, for which they will receive a portion of the sales. In addition to the current Instagram feed ads, Meta says it will soon introduce contextual ads with several advertisers. It will serve advertisements that are more likely to be relevant to the user’s interests and are driven by machine learning.

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As of right now, Meta has begun testing picture carousel advertisements for Reels. These horizontally scrollable advertisements may contain two to ten images of advertising. According to Meta, it will appear at the bottom of Facebook Reels’ content.

Additionally, the business has declared that it will improve Instagram’s AR advertisements for Feed and Stories. This is helpful for activities like trying new furniture at home or taking a car for a test drive.


Is Instagram a meta product?

Users can upload, edit, and tag photographs and videos using the Instagram app. The business was independent until it was bought by Meta in 2012 for $1.0 billion. While venture capital firms and other investors were paying close attention to Instagram, Meta bought the photo-sharing platform.

When did Instagram start using ads?

Instagram ads have been responsible for more than a billion user actions since the social media network started to provide advertising in 2015. And just last year, it more than doubled to 500,000 advertisers in just six months.

Who is Meta company owner?

After Sheryl Sandberg, the previous COO, resigned from her position as CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg named Javier Olivan as the new COO of the firm. CEO Mark Zuckerberg appointed Javier Olivan as the next COO of Meta, formerly Facebook, after Sheryl Sandberg announced her leave after 14 years of service.

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