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TechnologyMeta plans to shut down Portal, smartwatches projects

Meta plans to shut down Portal, smartwatches projects

The video calling smart display Portal and the two unfinished projects for smartwatches from Meta will be discontinued. After eliminating nearly 11,000 jobs, including positions in tech divisions, the decision was made.

Portal and Smartwatch Shutdown

The video calling smart display Portal from Meta will be discontinued after four years on the market. According to a Reuters article, the closure also affects the company’s unannounced project for its allegedly forthcoming smartwatches.

These decisions were made by the company’s executives, who confirmed them at a town hall meeting. This week, Meta laid off around 13% of its staff, including the group in charge of the discarded products.
According to The Verge, a total of 11,000 workers were let go as a result of the layoffs. The first and largest layoff in Meta 18-year history has occurred with this. One of the officials to address the issue was Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg, but the article claims that the CEO declined to take any questions.

The Information revealed in June last year that Meta had discontinued making Portal devices for consumer use because the company had switched its focus to conference calling and assumed that the devices would only be used for business.

In addition, this choice was made as the company reevaluated its objectives in response to investor worries about projects that received billions of dollars in funding but did not increase sales.

This was planned to make its debut in 2023 with a suggested retail price of $349 under the project codename “Milan.” It has two video call-capable built-in cameras. However, this will also definitely be cancelled, along with the two smartwatches that were being worked on (at an early stage and in the middle stage).


Additionally, check out Meta’s Portal’s new features for Mac and PC users.

Portal’s History

According to a source from Liliputing, the first Portal items were produced by Meta (then, Facebook) in 2018. These products, which are akin to the Amazon Echo Show gadget with a voice assistant named “Alexa,” were introduced as the corporation entered a new market.

The business developed a number of generations for its Portal devices, including Portal Plus, Portal 2nd Generation, Portal Mini, Portal TV, Portal Go, and Portal+, before gradually discontinuing Portal for consumers in June.

This was expected, according to the article, given that Meta and Facebook depend on social contact and that Facebook Messenger offers a video call capability. Aside from this, the product line has not attracted as much attention as its rivals.

This could potentially be a part of the business’s cost-cutting strategy as Meta shifts its focus to virtual reality technologies and other Metaverse components.

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