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TechnologyMeta is 'pausing' bonus payouts for Reels creators

Meta is ‘pausing’ bonus payouts for Reels creators

Reels Play, a bonus programme from Meta that helps Instagram and Facebook content producers be compensated, will be put on hold. The initial rollout of the monetization campaign took place in December 2021, with the goal of providing monthly compensation to producers who reached predetermined view counts and other metrics.

Halting Reels Play Bonus

The company stated in a written statement that it will pause its revenue programme for creators in the United States while it explores and develops testing for its Reels Play Bonus on Facebook and Instagram.
“To assist creators in generating stable sources of income, we concentrate on investing in a variety of monetization strategies. At this point, we’ll discontinue offering fresh and renewed Reels Play agreements to US creators on Instagram and Facebook.
Any recurring benefits that a Reels maker has signed up for will be paid out within the next 30 days, according to a report from Engadget. The corporation will use the break as a chance to execute the program more specifically, such as in possible new markets.

The spokesman continued by saying that despite the break, creators can continue to make money directly from businesses,  fans, and brand alliances. One of the main ways that Instagram short-form video content providers made money was through this program. Overlay advertisements were another way for users to profit from Reels last year, thanks to Meta.

Creators’ Earnings

High-performing creators were guaranteed up to $35,000 a month. But, since the start of the shows, the creators have had highs and lows in their earnings. Some creators saw their maximum revenues decrease, while others received the promised amount.

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Bethany Everett-Ratcliffe, a content creator, claimed in a Business Insider interview that the invite-only Reels Play Bonus on Instagram only paid her $100 per month. For the majority of creators, she claimed, “It didn’t feel like it was making a tremendous difference, and they weren’t using it.”

Tom Alison, the head of Facebook, said last week that the company wants to concentrate more on extending its ad-revenue choices for Reels on the platform and that later this year, ads on Reels will extend to Instagram. This will expand virtual gifting through Stars and let more creators monetize this feature through advertising.
Short-form content is more difficult to commercialize because there isn’t instream advertising, according to Social Media Today. As a result, most platforms are now dependent on creator funding schemes like the Reels Play bonus scheme. The sole drawback is that the financing level typically stays constant.

Before 2022 came to a conclusion, Instagram also eliminated five of the 11 projects, including IGTV, that offered creator monetization prospects. In the past, Instagram made a large wager on this feature, but it has since lost all relevance as a result of the company’s focus on vertical shorts.

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