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GamingMake lasagna! You can now play as Garfield in Stray for PC

Make lasagna! You can now play as Garfield in Stray for PC

The GTA: San Andreas CJ mod horrified everyone, now it’s the turn of the most famous feline.

Stray, the game of the adorable kitten developed by BlueTwelve Studio, became the game of the moment, delighting many players but also supporting a noble cause since part of the income will go to organizations that care for stray cats. Although the game is related to PS5, it is also available on PC and it was a matter of time for the modders to do their thing, this time with one of the most famous cats.


A few days ago, the dose of horror reached Stray on PC due to a mod that turned the protagonist kitten into CJ from GTA: San Andreas with a frankly disturbing result. However, now is the time to pass the bad shot and see the other side of the coin, after all having CJ appear in whenever possible PC game is a tradition. A modder (via The Gamer ) shared his proposal to give Stray a different touch and what better way to do it than with Garfield, one of the most famous cats in history.

The Garfield mod for Stray was created by Chris Rubino and thanks to him it is possible to play the title of the moment as the cat created by Jim Davis, which was released in 1978. This mod that will give a comical touch to your experience in this game is available at this link and the result is good as it shows Garfield about to live a Cyberpunk-type adventure… the good thing is that it doesn’t last long so you’ll have time to eat lasagna and sleep.

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Speaking of Stray and its popularity, we told you that a shelter for kittens is doing streams to raise funds and ensure that the stray cats under shelter are well while they find an adoptive family that gives them a second chance. On the other hand, some PC gamers disagreed with how long Stray lasts, so they asked for their money back.

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