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Kanye West Suspended From Twitter Again for ‘Inciting Violence’


The American musician Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, has appeared to be suspended repeatedly over the past few weeks for expressing his anti-Semitic beliefs in both media interviews and on social media.

Given his support for free expression on the site, Chief Twit Elon Musk pulled a pretty surprising stunt on Friday, Dec. 2, by suspending the rapper’s account after he shared a photo of a swastika and the Star of David together, just weeks after having his account reinstated.

Musk Suspends Ye

Ye shared footage from one of his interviews in which he claimed to love both Nazis and Jews. In a separate tweet, he shared the swastika graphic. Musk ultimately decided to remove him from the Bird app as a result of this.
“I made an effort. Despite this, he once again transgressed our prohibition against inciting violence. The account will be suspended.On Friday, the Chief Tweeter tweeted something.

It is important to note that Musk has undone much of Twitter’s attempts to stop accounts from disseminating false information and hate speech by suspending them if they were found to have broken the rules of the programme.

After being subjected to a permanent ban for allegedly breaking Twitter’s rules against inciting violence during the Capital Riots, he reinstated former US President Donald Trump. He also greeted Ye when he returned from suspension following his anti-Semitic statements.

Since then, the rapper has lost relationships with significant companies like Adidas and Gap due to his divisive behaviour.

Musk has also declared a global amnesty for all accounts that have been banned from the network for breaking its rules, with the exception of those who have legal proceedings pending against them for criminal offences.

For some who have opposed Musk’s absolutist attitude on free speech, including celebrities who left the app out of concern that it would spread racism and hate speech, his decision on Monday, Nov. 28, may well be a welcome one.

But in the end, the billionaire came to the conclusion that he must draw the line between free expression and tweets that can inspire violence, like Ye’s. However, several Twitter users expressed outrage over this action and questioned whether Musk actually supports free speech.

Ye Trolls Musk

Ye tweeted a picture of Musk being hosed down by media executive Ari Emanuel as he was shirtless on a yacht. Emanuel has previously advised businesses to cut ties with the rapper owing to his anti-Semitic statements.

This was the musician’s last tweet before being suspended, and he wanted everyone to keep that in mind.

Due to his suspension, the piece cannot be regarded as original content. Musk added in a subsequent tweet: “Just to be clear, it’s not a picture of me getting hosed by Ari that has his account suspended; it’s for inciting violence.” Sincerely, I found those images to be excellent inspiration for weight loss!

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