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Who Is ‘Kai The Hitchhiker’ Caleb McGillvary Family, Age And Where Are They Now?

Who is Kai the Hatchet? Caleb McGillvary – In January, a new Netflix documentary about Caleb McGillvary, also known as Kai the Hitchhiker and Kai the Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker, will be released.

Details of the documentary Kai the Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker

Kai, a hitchhiker, waves a hatchet on YouTube. A California local news reporter published it on February 2, 2013. National media covered the viral video.
Kai Lawrence, later identified as Caleb Lawrence McGillvary (born September 3, 1988) of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, used the footage in his New Jersey homicide defence a few months after its release.
KMPH, a Fresno Fox station, made the footage. The video is an eyewitness account by “Kai,” a man who was on the scene.

Kai picks up 300-pound Jett Simmons McBride, who claims to be Jesus Christ, while traveling. While driving, McBride tells Kai that he sexually abused a 14-year-old girl in the Virgin Islands while on business.

McBride hits the guy at a crosswalk and pins him between a parked vehicle and his automobile.
Kai helps the pedestrian, while McBride stays in the car. McBride jumps up and bear-hugs a spectator who helps. The man feared for the woman’s life, believing he could snap her neck “like a pencil stick.”

Kai repeatedly hits McBride in the back of the head after taking a hatchet from his bag. Kai imitates the overhead swings and calls the hatchet blows “Smash, Smash, SUH-MASH” in the video. he said the police released him.
As of October 27, 2019, The Gregory Brothers’ song has over 10 million views via sampling a dialogue. Kai’s January 2020 Inside Edition interview featured scenes from the popular video, which had over 7.5 million views on YouTube as of November 2022.

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Kai was arrested in May 2013 for killing New Jersey lawyer Joseph Galfy. Kai claimed he had to fight Galfy. Galfy drugged and raped Kai after promising him a place to stay.

Kai claimed that after the California viral video, he no longer needed to have sex with unattractive men like Galfy. The police claimed that the murder was premeditated and the sexual meeting was consensual.

“How many hot girls—forget it.” After that experience, how many handsome California men wanted to fuck me even though I wasn’t gay? I’m not bragging. Galfy wasn’t appealing.
After the murder charges, the video went viral. Video watchers, who praised Kai for saving the woman, set up a legal defence fund. After five years in custody, Kai’s trial began on April 1, 2019.

Kai testified in his defence and was rude during cross-examination. Kai nearly walked out during his defence attorney’s closing comments

He was sentenced to 57 years in prison for first-degree murder by a jury. After the murder charges, the video went viral. Video viewers, who saw Kai as a hero for saving the woman, donated to his legal defence.

After five years in prison, Kai’s trial began on April 1, 2019. Kai defended himself, faced intense cross-examination, and nearly left the courtroom during his defence attorney’s closing remarks. He was sentenced to 57 years in prison for first-degree murder by a jury.

Who is Caleb “Kai” McGillvary?

While hitchhiking in California in 2013, a man by the name of Jett Simmons McBride picked up 24-year-old McGillvary. McGillvary claims that before hitting a pedestrian at an intersection and pinning them against the rear of a parked vehicle, McBride made the allegation that he was Jesus Christ.
According to McGillvary, McBride threatened a woman who was attempting to free the pinned man, so he reached for his hatchet to assist.

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Where did he grow up?

According to, although McGillvary claimed to be from West Virginia, he actually grew up in Canada.

Who were Caleb McGillvary parents?

Gil McGillvary and Shirley Stromberg are McGillvary’s parents. McGillvary’s parents, who separated when he was just four years old, admitted to The Star-Ledger that their son had behavioural problems and had spent years in hospitals and treatment centres.

What was their relationship like?

In his now-viral interview, Kai admitted to the local news reporter that he had no family. “I’m already dead, as far as everyone from my childhood is concerned,” he said.

Gil mentioned that his son was in treatment homes up until the age of 18, at which point they “let him loose and wiped their hands of him,” according to The Star-Ledger, which claimed that McGillvary was “estranged” from his family. Gil went on to say, “Caleb said that he had been abused both physically and mentally at one of the homes.” My youngster was let down by the system.

Where is Kai the hitchhiker now?

At the moment, Caleb “Kai” McGillvary is incarcerated at the New Jersey State Prison. He has served three years of a 57-year sentence, and his release date from prison won’t be until October 27, 2061.
In New Jersey, the use of deadly force in self-defense against assault is permitted in certain circumstances; therefore, he maintains his innocence and right to self-defense. In 2021, McGillvary appealed his conviction, but the New Jersey appellate court dismissed it due to contradictions in his account.

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