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EntertainmentJerry Lee Lewis’ Children: How Many Kids Did He Have?

Jerry Lee Lewis’ Children: How Many Kids Did He Have?

You are all probably aware by now that Jerry Lee Lewis, a pioneer of rock ‘n’ roll and the singer of the massive hit song “Great Balls of Fire,” has departed for the heavenly home. On October 28, 2022, at the age of 87, he died.
The late singer left behind his wife, Judith Brown, and children. Jerry Lee Lewis Jr., Phoebe Lewis, Lori Lee Lewis, Jerry Lee Lewis III, Steven Allen Lewis, and Ronnie Guy Lewis are the names of his six children.

Jerry Lee Lewis’ personal life explored

Jerry Lee Lewis had been married seven times in total during his life, not just once or twice. He was with Judith Brown when he passed away. In 2012, the couple exchanged vows.

Lewis’ first union was with Dorothy Barton in 1952. 1953 saw the separation of the two. Following this, in 1953, he married Jane Mitchum and they exchanged wedding vows.Before divorcing in 1957, the couple was married for over four years.
Jerry eventually married Myra Gale Brown after a year. They remained a couple until 1970. The Rock ‘N’ Roll pioneer then married Jaren Elizabeth Gunn Pate in 1971, but the couple divorced in 1982.

The Great Balls of Fire singer wed Shawn Stephens a year later. This marriage also ended quickly, much like his first one. In the same year, their relationship came to an end. After that, he married Kerrie McCarver in 1984, and the two were married until 2005. With five of his ex-wives, he fathered six children. To learn more about the late singer’s six children, keep reading.


Jerry does really have kids. He is pleased to be the father of six children.

Jerry Lee Lewis Jr., Ronnie Guy Lewis, and Jane were welcomed by him. According to Billboard, Jerry tragically passed away in a car accident when he was 19 years old.


Along with Myra, he had Steve Allen Lewis and Phoebe Allen Lewis. Steve, his son, tragically drowned at the age of three.

Along with his ex-wife Jaren, Jerry also welcomed Lori Lee Lewis into the family. Then he had Jerry Lee Lewis III with Kerrie, his ex-wife.

Jerry Lee Lewis Jr.

The oldest child of musician Jerry Lee Lewis was Jerry Lee Lewis Jr. He was conceived in 1953. After divorcing his first wife, Dorothy Barton, Jerry was then married to Jane Mitchum, marking his second marriage. Jerry II sadly passed away in 1973 at the age of just 19.

The adolescent unfortunately “overturned” his Jeep and perished in the crash, according to a story in The Guardian. The late music icon discussed his son’s passing in an interview with the media outlet from 2015 and stated, “Well, I don’t know if it made me stronger or not, sir, but it drew my attention pretty well, I know.” For me, that was a really trying and painful moment. But I managed to survive. My own was interred. I handled every aspect.

Ronnie Guy Lewis

In 1956, nearly three years after the couple’s marriage, Jerry Lee Lewis and his second wife, Jane Mitchum, welcomed their second child, Ronnie Guy Lewis. A year later, Jerry and Jane broke up, and they divorced in 1957. Ronnie is 66 years old right now.

The rock icon previously spoke with The Guardian, in which he discussed his coping mechanisms after losing several of his children and ex-wives. Then he admitted to the reporters, “I get depressed occasionally.” I extricate myself from it. I pray and reflect on my current circumstances.

Steven Allen Lewis

Jerry got married to his first cousin, Myra Gale Brown, in 1958. The ex-couple has two children together. Steven Allen Lewis, Myra and Jerry’s first child together, was born in 1959.

Steven, the son of Jerry and Myra, tragically died at the age of just three. The son of the couple drowned and died.

Phoebe Lewis

Nearly four years after the birth of their son Steven, Myra and Jerry welcomed their second child together, a daughter named Phoebe Lewis, in 1963. She was the musician’s eldest child. Later in life, she decided to follow her father’s example and pursue a career in music. She additionally contributed to the 2004 film Benji: Off the Leash!
According to a TMZ report, the singer of “She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye” filed a lawsuit against his daughter Phoebe in 2017 for allegedly supplying him drugs. Jerry said at the time that his daughter controlled him from 2000 to 2012 by administering him a “strong cocktail of psychotropic medicines” to keep him under her control.
In spite of his failing health, Phoebe allegedly used to make her father go on tours, according to legal documents obtained by the media source. Jerry filed a lawsuit against Phoebe’s spouse, Ezekiel Loftin, alleging that he had spent at least $5 million of his money on opulent vehicles, real estate, and cosmetic procedures. He quickly joined his daughter in the lawsuit after that.

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Lori Lee Lewis

Jerry and Jaren Elizabeth Gunn Pate were married in 1971, and in 1972, they had their first child together, a girl named Lori Lee Lewis. The late musician’s second daughter is Lori.

In 1982, just as Jaren was filing for a divorce from her then-husband Jerry, she tragically passed away in a friend’s swimming pool. There was just one child born to Jaren and Jerry.

Jerry Lee Lewis III

Later, in 1983, Shawn Stephens and Jerry were united in marriage. Sadly, the couple had no children together, and his wife died from a heroin overdose. He then married Kerrie McCarver, his sixth wife, in 1984.

The Grammy winner and his sixth wife, Kerrie McCarver, welcomed their final child. Almost three years after being married, the couple welcomed their son, Jerry Lee Lewis III, into the world. Jerry III is 35 years old as of right now.
Additionally, Jerry Lee Lewis III has a presence on the Instagram social networking network. He currently has 1.2k followers on Instagram.The legendary legend’s eldest son utilises the video live-streaming platform Twitch frequently.

On Instagram, Jerry III sent a touching homage to his father. Tom Hanks, the Elvis performer, is shown in a video he released on Instagram talking about his father. There will never be anyone like you, Dad. “I love you,” he simply said as the caption for the video.
We are sending our sincere sympathies to Jerry Lee Lewis’s friends and family during this difficult time. I’m sending all of his children love, light, and courage.

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Jerry Lee Lewis married 7 times and had children with multiple women

Jerry Lee Lewis had a number of wives during the course of his lifetime, like many other rock musicians. When he was only 16 years old, he married Dorothy Barton, and the couple didn’t even last two years before filing for divorce.
Lewis married Jane Mitchum for a second time. In 1953, the two got married after a four-year engagement. They split up in 1957.

The most infamous of his three marriages was his third. In 1958, he married his cousin, Myra Gale Brown, then 13 years old. Lewis, who was 21 at the time, received harsh criticism from the public for getting hitched to a girl so young. They remained a couple until 1970.
Jaren Elizabeth Gunn Pate was the bride of Lewis’ fourth union. Pate died by drowning in 1982.Shawn Stephens, his sixth spouse, also passed away. Lewis married his sixth wife, Kerrie McCarver, in 1984; their divorce was finalised in 2005.

Lewis eventually married Judith Brown, his seventh and last wife. Lewis died in 2022, but they remained married until then.


Jerry passed away at the age of 87. Jerry “suffered through the last years of his life from different ailments and injuries that, his physicians have often stated, should have taken him decades ago,” according to Rick Bragg, his biographer, in an interview with NBC.

At his residence in DeSoto County, Mississippi, he passed away. Rick says he told Judith “that he embraced the hereafter and that he was not afraid” while his wife was standing next to him.

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