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EntertainmentJapanese Entertainment Company Launches Kabuki Video Streaming Service

Japanese Entertainment Company Launches Kabuki Video Streaming Service

A Kabuki video streaming service has apparently been developed by the Japanese production company Shochiku in an effort to broaden its fan base and appeal to more international audiences.

The set and costume designs of the traditional Japanese dance drama Kabuki are distinctive. According to Shochiku, the pandemic had an effect on the performance and lowered ticket sales. The art form is now available online.

Kabuki Goes Online

As first reported by Nikkei Asia, the entertainment company is presently attempting to increase the number of international followers of the traditional Japanese performing art and lure tourists to the country’s Kabuki theaters.
Through Shochiku’s “Kabuki on Demand,” audiences can discover more about kabuki and its 400-year history. This is the first kabuki streaming service outside of Japan, and it debuted in nine nations at the beginning of November.

The Kabuki stream offers three famous plays for audiences in Taiwan, Australia, the U.S., Canada, Britain, Spain, France, Germany, and Italy. Each performance can be rented separately at affordable prices starting at 800 yen, or $5.75. The streaming service aims to prevent the proliferation of illegally uploaded Kabuki videos.

“KABUKI ON DEMAND” includes three titles, including “Sagi Musume” (Heron Maiden), a renowned dance performance by Tamasaburo Bando, a well-known female Kabuki artist, and “Benten Musume Meo No Shiranami” (The Five Thieves). “Kurumabiki” is yet another highlighted performance (Pulling the Carriage Apart).

The streaming seasons for the final two shows will begin on October 31, 2023. The audio and subtitles for the Japanese-language videos are in English. For more information about the shows, go to their official website.

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The entertainment business hasn’t set a sales target for the programme and has said it won’t consider future availability, pricing, or title additions until it obtains user feedback.

Shochiku’s domestic Kabuki streaming service debuted in August 2020. Shochiku releases roughly 10 videos, the majority of which were staged a month ago, according to Nikkei. The most well-liked programmes receive about 1,000 transactions.

Apparently struggling to survive, Shochiku expects to declare a 340 million yen operational loss for the fiscal year that ends in February 2023.
The company initially forecast an operating profit of 600 million yen for the year, but it has now lowered that estimate in light of the pandemic-related cancellations of numerous live Kabuki performances.

How to Watch

It’s important to note that the stream only works with PCs that meet the suggested PC requirements. The programme advises using the most recent variations of Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome for Windows 10. Use Safari 12 for MacOS X 10.11 or later, or the most recent version of Google Chrome, in the interim.

In order to make sure you are in the right setting to view the performance without any interruptions, the firm also advises that you try playing the test movie. Visit this page for a more thorough tour.

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