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CelebrityIs Sean Hannity Dating Ainsley Earhardt? All Reasons Why It’s Not Revealed?

Is Sean Hannity Dating Ainsley Earhardt? All Reasons Why It’s Not Revealed?

Today, we are going to discuss Is Sean Hannity Dating Ainsley Earhardt? All Reasons Why It’s Not Revealed?

Sean Patrick Hannity, a Republican political pundit and host of American talk shows, was born on December 30, 1961. He has also hosted a commentary programme named Hannity on Fox News since 2009. The Sean Hannity Show, his syndicated talk radio programme, airs worldwide.

Hannity worked as a general contractor and volunteered as a talk show host in 1989 while he was a student at UC Santa Barbara. He eventually began working for WGST in Atlanta and WVNN in Athens, Alabama. He left WGST and went on to work at WABC in New York, where he remained until 2013. Hannity has been employed at WOR Radio since 2014.

Sean Hannity Early Life

Sean Patrick Hannity was born in New York City on December 30, 1961. He was raised in the nearby New York City neighbourhood of Franklin Square. His father, Hugh, worked as an officer in the family court system, while his mother, Lillian, was a stenographer and prison officer at a county jail.
sean is the youngest of four siblings. Sean was born in Ireland, and all four of his grandparents immigrated to the US. He finished his secondary studies at St. Pius X Preparatory Seminary in Uniondale, New York. He continued his studies at Adelphi University, UC Santa Barbara, and New York University after that, but none of those universities granted him a degree.

Hannity started his own business in the home painting sector in 1982. Later on, he relocated to Santa Barbara, California, where he started working as a building contractor. In 1989, while still residing in California, he had the chance to host his first talk radio show at the student-run campus station KCSB-FM, which was connected to UC Santa Barbara.

But less than a year after going on the air, his weekly show was cancelled due to the uproar over the “contentious” way LGBT rights were covered. The cancellation was caused by this issue. Hannity joined WVNN in Athens, Alabama, as their afternoon talk radio host after leaving KCSB. Following that, he moved to WGST in Atlanta in 1992.

Sean Hannity Personal Life

Hannity and Jill Rhodes got married in 1993. As a result of their union, they have two kids, and they currently split their time between Naples, Florida, and Long Island, New York, with their family. It was revealed that Sean and Jill had actually divorced the year before, in June of the year 2020.

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Although he is a committed follower of Jesus, he no longer goes to Mass at a Catholic church because, in his opinion, there is “too much institutionalised corruption.”

Who Is Sean Hannity Dating?

Since January 2019, Sean Hannity and Ainsley Earhardt, a Fox News employee, have been in a romantic relationship. After 25 years of marriage to Jill Rhodes, Hannity’s marriage to her was annulled, and he started dating Ainsley.
Earhardt has had two prior marriages, each in a different location. She married Kevin McKinney in 2005, but the marriage ended in divorce the following year. Earhardt married Will Proctor after two years of dating; however, they split in 2019.

Sean Hannity Is Dating Now

American television personality Ainsley Earhardt was well-known across the nation for her work. In 1999, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of South Carolina.

She began working as a reporter for a local station in Columbia after graduating, and the Columbia Metropolitan Magazine named her the Most Outstanding Personality of the Year the following year. Earhardt moved to New York in 2007 to assume a job as a co-host on Fox & Friends after starting her broadcasting career in 2005 at KENS-TV in San Antonio, Texas.

Is Sean Hannity Dating Ainsley Earhardt?

Sean Hannity started dating Ainsley Earhardt, a Fox News co-anchor, after divorcing his wife Jill in 2019. Even though Jill Rhodes was no longer a part of their lives, Hannity and Ainsley started dating while he was still married to her. Earhardt, on the other hand, has a record of two prior marriages.

On the other side, Hannity has kept this information hidden from the public. Hannity refused to talk about the status of his relationships at the time the interviewer questioned him about his personal life. The statement claims that Hannity does not wish to reveal his private life in such a way, and the host has also made it clear that he does not wish to do so.

Sean and Ainsley have not formally declared their relationship

Sean Hannity and Ainsley Earhardt have reportedly been dating since 2019. After Hannity’s divorce from Jill Rhodes, to whom he had been married for 25 years, they began dating. Earhardt’s two marriages ended in divorce. From 2005 to 2010, she was married to Kevin McKinney; they later divorced.
She married Will Proctor the following year, and Hayden was born to them. In 2019, they formally ended their relationship. In 2020, Hannity and Earhardt arrived at a party together in a helicopter, possibly outing their relationship.

According to Vanity Fair, Earhardt hosted “Fox & Friends” from the basement of Hannity’s Long Island residence, and Hannity’s lawyer served as her television agent. The status of their relationship has not been confirmed as of this writing.

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Hannity and Rhodes put aside their differences

Both Sean Hannity and Jill Rhodes have stayed true to their words. In fact, they still celebrate holidays together as a family with their kids, Sean Patrick and Merri Kelly (via The Sun). “Sean and Jill are great parents; when together, you don’t even realise they split,” a source told the Daily Mail.
And Hannity has remained quiet when it comes to his dating life. Although neither has confirmed the relationship, Hannity has been linked to fellow Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt.

They appeared to make their relationship public in 2020 when they showed up at a party together. A source also told Vanity Fair that Earhardt hosted “Fox & Friends” from the basement of Hannity’s Long Island mansion during the pandemic.

Sean Hannity chooses not to comment on his personal life

While Sean Hannity and Ainsley Earhardt appeared to make their relationship public in 2020, Hannity is unlikely to comment on his new romance.In fact, when asked about Earhardt, Hannity said through a network spokesperson, “I do not discuss my personal life in public.”

A source told People that Hannity is “very private, because he’s very famous and he’s very controversial.” But it’s been an open secret that they have been seeing each other.” The source added that Hannity and Earhardt “are together all the time, but in private… for years, not just months.”

Earhardt has been so cautious when it comes to details about her relationship with Hannity that she has gone so far as to deny that she is dating anyone at the moment.

“Right now, I am focused on raising my daughter, and I am not dating anyone,” Earhard said through a network spokesperson. “As anyone at Fox News will tell you, Sean is a wonderful person, and whoever he chooses to date will be extremely fortunate.”

Ainsley Earhardt isn’t shy about her feelings for Sean Hannity

While Sean Hannity and Ainsley Earhardt have kept their relationship under wraps, she has dropped hints that the two are definitely together, including when Hannity made an appearance on “Fox & Friends” to commemorate Fox News’ 25th anniversary.

When co-host Brian Kilmeade asked Hannity if he had a favourite co-host among the program’s three anchors, Earhardt quickly responded (per The Daily Beast), “Yes, he does.” Hannity then joked that his favourites were “for sure” either Earhardt or co-host Steve Doocy.

The programme also revisited some of Hannity’s most memorable moments during his career with the network, where he has worked since its launch in 1996.

“It’s an all-day affair,” he said. “It never stops.” “I’m like a Marine all week.”

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And, in an October 2021 interview with Newsweek, Hannity insisted that his personal life takes a backseat to work. “I’ll tell you this: I’m a complete loser, hermit, and recluse during my workweek because all I do is work,” he explained.

Still, Earhardt took the time to gush over her boyfriend during his time on her show, explaining that “if you knew what we knew about him, he’s the most generous person,” she said. “You’re just a really good person, Sean, and you’ve helped all of our careers.”

She is open to having more children

Ainsley Earhardt has been vocal about her desire to have more children. The mother of one revealed to People in 2020 that she had even frozen her eggs.

“I had Hayden so late in my life, and I’m in my 40s, so I would be open to that 1,000%,” she said. “If I met someone who had a lot of kids, that would be great.” She added: “I just love children, and I love being a mother, so I won’t rule that out.” “Maybe I’ll adopt a child; we’ll see.”

For now, though, her focus is on her daughter and her career. In fact, Earhardt believes she owes a lot to Fox News.

“Every day when I walk into work, I still get that pinch-me feeling,” she stated (per People). “And I do reflect on how my life has evolved over the past 13 years.” “Compared to when I first arrived at Fox, I’m in such a different position now.”

Added her: “Everything took place there. “Really, the majority of the most significant events in my life have taken place while I’ve been employed with Fox.”

Sean Hannity Is On Good Terms With His Ex

Sean Hannity and Jill Rhodes are rumoured to have stayed in touch after their divorce. They are “a nice guy to be around,” a source who spoke to Page Six said.

Sean and Jill continue to have a close relationship, and they frequently get together for family dinners and to watch their kids play tennis. The kin of Sean and Jill are still close.

Rhodes’ brother still works for Hannity on his Fox show even though they are no longer married, and the family still gets together to celebrate holidays. According to a source who spoke to The Daily Mail, it’s difficult to tell that Sean and Jill are no longer together.
As Hannity’s replacement, Ainsley Earhardt, a fellow Fox personality, has taken over. Although neither of them has officially confirmed it, it is widely accepted within the network that they are seeing each other.
As a result, Hannity made his divorce public for the first time. “To have it on Page Six is an indication that this will happen,” a source claimed.

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