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Frequently Asked QuestionsIs Laurent a villain in Twilight?

Is Laurent a villain in Twilight?

Type of Villain Laurent is an anti-hero in the Twilight series. He is a member of James’ coven and is by far the most merciful and decent of his allies, in spite of that however he is still ruthless and incredibly loyal to both James and Victoria, in spite of having limits to how far he’ll go for them.

Who was Laurent with in Twilight?

Relationships. Laurent was the mate of Irina, a former coven mate to James and Victoria, and a former coven mate to Tanya, Kate, Eleazar and Carmen. His creator was a Russian vampire named Boris, whom he was close to before venturing off on his own.

Did Irina and Laurent mate?

Laurent was Irina’s mate. He came to Denali after he left James and Victoria. There, he and Irina met, and fell in love, though she was more serious about their relationship than him. However, Laurent had trouble sticking to the vegetarian diet, and occasionally hunted humans.

Why isn’t Jacob’s dad a werewolf?

Billy Black Isn’t A Werewolf In Twilight The newest generations would only transform if a cold one, a.k.a. a vampire, was near. When Jacob’s father was a teenager, however, there were no vampires in the area, so the gene was dormant.

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Who saves Bella from Laurent?

Oh, she, likeactually does it. She’s fine, though, and all smiley after her cliff-dive, looking very post-breakup aglow for about one second until the waves take her out. Once again, Bella is rescued, this time by Jacob.

Was Laurent black in the books?

An overwhelming majority of the vampires prior to Breaking Dawn are played by Caucasian actor. One exception is Laurent, who is played by a black actor (Edi Gathegi); however, Gategi wears makeup to lighten his natural skin tone.

What is Rosalie’s power in Twilight?

Rosalie falls into this category as her power is beauty: she was “angelically beautiful” as a human, and her transformation enhanced her beauty, making her many times more beautiful than most vampires, to the point where she’s labeled as the “most beautiful person in the world”.

Is Laurent dead in Great Pretender?

A flashback of when Makoto has his outburst in the F.B.I. custody reveals that it was Abigail that knocked him out and that she and Laurent were in fact alive.

Why are Laurent’s eyes red?

Twilight vampires with red eyes are those who feed off human blood, such as Laurent, Aro, and the rest of the Volturi. However, vampires can also have red eyes when they’re newborns; this as a result of the human blood still present in them, as was the case of Bella in Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

What is Laurent power?

Laurent only had the basic abilities belonging to a vampire, some including speed, strength and durability.

What’s an immortal child in Twilight?

“Immortal Children” (a.k.a. Baby Vampires) These are small children who have been turned into full vampires, meaning they will stay 5 years old (or 4 or 8, you pick) for the rest of their lives. Obviously, this means they are super-cute baby vampires, and as such, they can control people with a single look.

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Why does Irina tell the Volturi?

Whilst travelling in the forest to the Cullens residence in Forks, Washington, Irina spotted Renesmee out hunting with her mother and Jacob Black, a shape-shifter. After this, she went straight to the Volturi to inform them of the supposed “immortal child” she had just witnessed in the forest.

Why is Billy Black in a wheelchair?

Physical appearance. Billy is heavyset, with a deeply wrinkled face and dark russet skin with black eyes. He is currently wheelchair-bound as a result of nerve damage due to complications from diabetes.

Who became a werewolf first in Twilight?

Jacob Black is a shape-shifter or “werewolf” of the Quileute tribe, former Beta of the Uley pack, and Alpha of his own. In Twilight, he is fifteen years old, and in New Moon, he phases into a wolf for the first time at the age of sixteen.

How did Carlisle become a vampire?

Although originally Carlisle was a disappointment, he eventually discovered a coven of true vampires living in the sewers. During a chase with them, Carlisle was bitten and changed into a vampire. To avoid slaughter, he hid in a potato cellar during the transformation.

Why does Bella scream in New Moon?

Bella, being a weak helpless woman, cries herself to sleep in the woods and has to be rescued. For months she wakes up screaming from night terrors because she can’t bear to be apart from a man who keeps her in line.

Why did Laurent join James coven?

James’ coven consisted of James, Victoria, and Laurent. It was first formed when James and Victoria became mates, and then joined by Laurent, because James wanted the company of a few other vampires in order to use their help in his ongoing tracking adventures. They found a few accomplices before Laurent joined them.

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What happens second Twilight?

On her eighteenth birthday, Bella Swan awakens from a dream where she is an old woman and Edward Cullen, her immortal vampire boyfriend, is forever young. Believing that he and his family are putting Bella’s life in danger, Edward ends their relationship, and the Cullens leave Forks.

How did James become a vampire?

He claimed the Frenchman had an undisclosed advantage, perhaps witchcraft or demonic help. He also said that he would have been able to track it if he had the same advantage. This prompted the vampire to turn him and give him the same advantage.

Is Jacob from Twilight white?

Raised as a Roman Catholic, Lautner has Dutch, French, and German ancestry, and has stated that he has “distant” Native American ancestry (specifically Odawa and Potawatomi, both Anishinaabe peoples) through his mother.

What is Emmett’s gift in Twilight?

Emmett’s gift is extreme strength that surpasses a regular vampire. He is the strongest member of the Cullens, if not the entire world. But his strength can be easily conquered by a newborn vampire, such as Bella when she challenged him to arm wrestling.

What is Jaspers powers in Twilight?

Jasper Cullen: Jasper, adopted by Carlisle and Esme Cullen, has the gift of controlling and manipulating the mood of those around him. In a room where he senses anxiety, he can easily calm others down and prevent a potentially harmful situation from getting out of hand.

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