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EntertainmentIs KissAnime Dead? 21 Working Alternatives in 2022

Is KissAnime Dead? 21 Working Alternatives in 2022

Today, we are going to discuss Is KissAnime Dead? 21 Working Alternatives in 2022
The most popular free online streaming service for watching anime online is KissAnime, also known as kissanime.ru, which is heaven for anime aficionados. You should think about why you’d need something different from the best anime streaming service in the world.
The KissAnime website has recently become unreliable, resulting in a few instances of its servers falling down. There were a few technical issues as well. In light of recent events, it might be a good idea to know about a few more anime streaming sites besides KissAnime.
Here are the best alternatives to think about if you want to watch your favorite anime without having to deal with a lot of trouble.
Top KissAnime Alternatives to check out
One of the best and most well-known substitutes for KissAnime is Crunchyroll. This is due to the website’s availability of both English dubbed and subbed anime, which makes it easier for non-native speakers to understand the plot.
In addition, this website offers 720p video quality. But you must create an account on the website in order to watch anime in full HD.
This website can be accessed with a Wii U, Xbox 360, Chromecast, PlayStation Vita, Roku device, PlayStation 3 and 4, Windows, Apple, or Android smartphone. Additionally, it supports other languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, and others.
Similar to KissAnime, AnimeLab offers free anime streaming. You can use your computer or a mobile device to get to this website and use the best streaming service out there.
On this website, you may find all the complete episodes of numerous well-known anime series. As a result, you can stream and watch any of your favorite anime on the web or even through an anime mobile app.
The primary target markets for AnimeLab are Australia and New Zealand. Even so, a VPN will let you watch most of your favorite shows and watch anime online.
Nearly 45,000 legal anime episodes are available in the sizable library of The Anime Planet. This website is hailed as one of the top streaming websites and is similar to KissAnime.
In 2001, Anime-Planet was introduced. It is quickly becoming the site of choice for both manga readers and anime fans, taking the place of kissanime.
The home page of this website features a number of categories, including the newest anime recommendations, the top manga of the week, and many others. It has a huge selection of high-quality anime and manga that you can stream online without even making an account.
Anime Land
You can always count on Anime Land as a backup, kissanime. This can be considered the best website for all anime series. Unlike other anime websites, this one lets you download and view your preferred anime episodes.
You are not required to register for an account in order to access the anime content on this website. The best option among the alternatives is this site, which is free.
You can effortlessly watch anime online or download it to your computer.
Another website that is comparable to Kissanime or that resembles it is GoGoanime. If you feel that way and none of the kissanime mirrors or other options are working for you, the GoGoanime is all you need.
This website’s UI is simple to use. Additionally, it gives you access to the newest and most recent anime content, from which you may choose anyone. You can choose from a variety of resolution options on the website depending on your needs.
All of the anime series are listed alphabetically and chronologically on the landing page, making it simpler for you to navigate.
Anime Karma
Check out the anime streaming website Anime Karma if you think that all the alternatives to KissAnime have ceased working. When you want to stream the top IMDB anime and series, Anime Karma is the best option.
This website also offers TV programs and series as an extra option to easily traverse the content. The absence of pop-up advertising while you stream is this site’s best feature.
The user interface makes finding and viewing the content very simple. In the same way, if you think a certain episode or something else is missing, you can ask for it in the feedback section.


When compared to all the other Kissanime alternatives that are available, AnimeXD is thought to be a wonderful substitute for kissanime.ru. This website offers you the chance to gain access to many anime series and stream them without any problems at all. It is a legal streaming platform.

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Similarly, you can connect with folks and communicate with them in a different chat room. You can talk about the anime you’re both streaming or even receive recommendations for new shows. This website offers you a superb interface in addition to other great features.
Anime Frenzy
Another one of the best Kissanime substitutes is Anime Frenzy. This is primarily due to the excellent information and user-friendly interface it offers.
You can easily request an anime if you believe it is either not on the list or is missing an episode. Because of the library of shows and series it offers, the anime you liked is always up to date.
You will constantly feel like there is still a lot more for you to choose from and stream because the site offers a large variety of shows.
Another excellent substitute for Kissanime is 9anime. On 9Anime, you can download any anime you want to watch later, in addition to streaming your favorite anime.
One of the most well-known and popular anime streaming websites online, 9Anime, has a huge global following.
The website’s user interface is superb, and 9anime has a big database of anime shows. This database contains information on almost 25,000 anime programs. The best aspect is that you may download them and that they are available to everyone without charge.
Because of a few factors, Chia-Anime is an actual substitute for KissAnime. All of the anime content, including series, movies, and other things, is available for free to both anime viewers and manga readers.
The Chia-user Anime’s interface is orderly. When visiting the Chia-Anime, promotions can be found all over the place, which makes it challenging to navigate. But many fans of anime will find this website suitable.
The Chia-Anime also offers the option to download the anime in addition to streaming it. This website offers anime shows in both subtitled and dubbed versions.
Another excellent alternative to the Kissanime website is masterani.me. This website provides a huge selection of anime without actually requiring any kind of registration. It has almost everything an anime fan may want in their chosen anime streaming service.
On Masterani.me, streaming is simpler. You can watch your favorite shows without signing up or registering. Installing the most recent or most recent version of Flash Player is the most crucial thing you will ever need to do. No anime may be streamed on Masterani.me if the Flash player is out of date.
It provides a variety of shows. If you have a steady internet connection, you can watch your favorite anime whenever and wherever you choose.
Another well-known website where you can watch anime for free is Anilinkz. If KissAnime is down, this anime streaming website is a solid alternative.
The episodes on Anilinkz are affordable and a great option for a lot of anime streaming consumers because they are available in both dubbed and subtitled versions. One of the frequently updated and updated anime sites is Anilinkz. It is constantly updated with the newest and most recent anime episodes that are occasionally published.
Anilinkz’s interface is also simple. From the pre-listed categories, you may select your chosen anime instantly.
Daisuki is the anime website you must visit if you are still looking for Kissanime alternatives that are suitable for you and your demands. It’s yet another undisputed anime website that provides you with high-quality anime content.
It provides you with access to a wide selection of anime in excellent quality. You can watch everything from the newest and most popular anime to those with high ratings on Daisuki.
Actually, you can watch the anime on Daisuki without logging in or creating an account.You can watch the shows whenever and wherever you want, with a variety of resolution options.
Another top website to watch anime series online with English subtitles is AnimePark. To watch on AnimePark, you don’t need to sign up for an account or pay anything. You can even download the anime shows for free. so that you can download and watch your favorite shows at a later time.
All of the approximately 4000+ anime shows in the AnimePark library are available for free online viewing. All anime episodes are available in HD resolution.
The user interface on this website is immaculate and makes it simple to access the available content. Your favorite show is easily accessible, so you can watch it without difficulty.
 Anime Season
Anime Season is a must-check substitute for the KissAnime website if you’re an anime fan. The anime season has a lot of episodes that you can watch over and over again without worrying about running out of content.
The majority of the well-known and well-liked anime series and shows are present in great quantity in this anime season. The Anime Season website is interesting and simple to use.
Almost any anime series may be streamed in its entirety on this website. Outstanding video quality is offered by it. To enjoy the shows, all you need is a reliable internet connection.
One of the most popular anime websites, Animefreak, has a huge collection of anime shows. It offers all of the anime series in excellent quality without charge. You may access a ton of the platform’s content without spending a dime.
On AnimeFreak, a number of series are available for free online streaming without the need to pay or sign up. The Anime Freak’s user interface is really simple to use.
This website provides a list of anime shows organized by genre, most recent updates, and other factors. The most important aspect of this website is its UI. It offers a simple interface with vibrant colors and simple navigation.
 Anime Streams
You may get a sense of the real anime world by watching one of the many anime shows and series available on Anime Streams. Among the numerous kissanime alternatives, it is one of the most beautiful websites.
There are no fees associated with watching anime on The Anime Streams. Because Anime Streams lets you record in HD, you can watch your favorite shows in crystal-clear quality.
By browsing the many categories listed on our website, you can search for your favorite anime on Anime Streaming. This website includes categories like “Anime Movies,” “Latest English Dub,” “English Subbed,” “A-Z List,” and others. If your favorite anime isn’t available on the website, you can request it.


You’ll be happy to discover that you can watch anime series here if you enjoy binge-watching Netflix. The complete canon of mainstream and successful anime shows has been compiled by Netflix.
Thanks to Netflix, which is known for its high-quality streaming services, you can watch your favorite anime in better quality.
You must purchase a premium membership to Netflix in order to start watching anime content there. You may even watch the anime series on Netflix for 30 days during the trial period before you decide to buy it.
Like Kissanime, Animedao is a popular anime website where you can watch both completed and ongoing anime series. Additionally, this website offers the manga as well as related and light literature.
If there is any anime or manga content that is missing, the website provides a location to submit your recommendations. Animedao is a safe place for both manga readers and anime fans because it has so many anime series and manga to choose from.
The Animedao offers a fantastic user interface and a ton of content for no charge. Just visit the website to watch your favorite TV series and manga.
Among the numerous kissanime alternatives, AniWatcher is the most straightforward and excellent anime website. The website’s designers created it to give you a straightforward and sophisticated anime viewing experience.
The most well-known and well-liked titles can be easily found on the AniWatcher home page. There are a number of other categories on the website that make it easy to get around and enjoy the information.
The anime catalog, which is maintained and replenished, makes it simple for users to navigate. Both the dubbed and subtitled anime episodes are free on this website.
If you are a devoted follower of the anime series One Piece, Watchop.io is for you. It also makes a fantastic KissAnime replacement.
This website is dedicated to One Piece and offers everything you need to view the anime series. It makes it easy to watch anime shows, and it has every episode, from the very first one to the most recent one.
One of the oldest and most popular anime series in Japan is called One Piece. Because of this, this website is only for fans of the anime series One Piece and has everything they need.


What is KissAnime?

One of the intriguing streaming services for anime is known as KissAnime. Everyone chooses to watch anime series and anime movies on this website since it is one of the best. It serves as the ultimate stop for fans of anime.
What Happened To KissAnime?
There have been some problems with the kissanime. Occasionally, kissanime.ru has experienced outages before returning to service. This website has experienced a few technical issues as well.
If you want to watch your favorite shows uninterrupted, you should choose other comparable services like KissAnime, where you may view your beloved anime.

Is KissAnime Legal?

As evidenced by many online watcher and streamer surveys, Kissanime is a respectable site to view anime films and animated television episodes.
It is preferable to utilize a reliable VPN service if you are unsure and concerned about this. While streaming, it will make sure of your safety and somewhat shield your identity.
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