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Frequently Asked QuestionsIs 36C bigger than 38B?

Is 36C bigger than 38B?

The same band size as a “C” cup will always be larger than a “B” cup. When the cup size goes up the band size goes down. Likewise using a 38B, if you drop to band size, then a 36C would give you essentially the same cup size, just a tighter fit around your chest.

What is the average bra size?

When people talk about breast size, they often describe it in terms of bra size. The average bra size in the United States is 34DD. This figure can vary by country. In the U.K., for example, the average is 36DD.

What is the sister size to 38B?

Find your Sister Size “Down” means the opposite – one actual size smaller and one letter name larger. For example, if you wear a 38B, your Sister Size Up would be 40A, and your Sister Size Down would be 36C. You can wear either one of the Sister Sizes and still have the same cup volume as 38B!

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Is there a 40B bra size?

40B is a difficult size to find and comes in limited styles. I never understand this. Bra salesperson, please stop trying to put me into what you have rather than the size I need. Bra makers, please offer more styles in a 40B!

What does 38C bra size mean?

For example, a 38C means a chest measurement of 38 inches and a breast measurement of 41 inches. The difference between the two measurements is 3 inches which is a C cup. A 38D would be a chest measurement of 38 inches and a breast measurement of 42 inches.

Is breast size genetic?

Twin studies have shown that breast size is about 56% heritable, with only about a third of this heritability shared with the heritability of obesity [10]. However, to date, nothing is known about what genetic factors are associated with breast size.

What is B cup size?

Your cup size is the difference between your chest size and your bust line measurement. For example: Your bust line measurement at the fullest part of your bust is 34″ and your chest size is 32″. 34″ – 32″ = 2″. The difference is 2″, which means your cup size is a B cup.

Is 38C same as 40B?

In this way, sister sizes are far more accurate. To give you another example, if you’re a 38C, your bra belongs to this family: 30F, 32E, 34DD, 36D, 38C (your size), 40 B. So your closest sister sizes are actually 36D and 40B, because while the band may vary, the cup volume is exactly the same.

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What other bra size is equivalent to 38DDD?

The sister size for a 38DDD is a 40DD. I am the same size as you and often must substitute with the sister size because mine isn’t available. 20 of 22 found this helpful.

Is 40C considered big?

A 40 back is quite large and a C cup on a 40 back is the same cup size as is on a 34E . So no it is not a big cup size, but quite a large band size, and most likely incorrect. Not always, but usually. A lady in a size 40 back bra would , as a rule, be wearing size 16/18 tops.

What does a 40C bra size mean?

The 40C cup size breast tissue is spread over a wider chest area and therefore will look like a small bust. Whereas the 30C cup size will look much bigger as the breast tissue is over a much narrower chest.

What does 36B mean?

And just to provide a quick refresher on bra sizes: the number refers to the band going around your back and the letter refers to the size of the breast itself. For example, a 36B means you have a 36-inch back with a B cup.

What is 36B bra size?

As a bra band size gets smaller, the same cup volume will have a bigger letter, and vice versa. In other words, a B is not a B is not a B. A 36B is a full cup size larger than a 34B.

What is a good bra size for a 17 year old?

C-DD is pretty much the middle range in cup size and 38 is a pretty average band size, most women falling somewhere between 32 and 44.

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What bra should a 17 year old wear?

Slip-on bras, otherwise known as crop top bra is the best bra for teenager and a comfortable option to help teens transition to bras. They function well for girls who are at the early stage of development. They offer minimal support but offer pretty good coverage for the budding breasts.

What is 34B bra size?

Example: If your underbust = 73 cm, your band size is 34. If your overbust = 85 cm, in the 34 band size chart, your bra size is 34B. The measuring tape should be somewhat loose and measured at the fullest part of your chest. BRA SIZE CONVERSION CHART.

Which cup size is best?

More generally, men and women prefer bigger cup sizes, namely C, D, and DD. Over six out of ten women (60.4%) said that their ideal bust size is a C cup, compared with just over one in two men (53.6%). Overall, this mid-sized cup is popular with both men and women, in both Europe and the US.


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