Home Technology iPhone 14’s satellite connectivity could be coming to more countries this year

iPhone 14’s satellite connectivity could be coming to more countries this year

iPhone 14's satellite connectivity could be coming to more countries this year

All four iPhone 14 models include the new Emergency SOS via Satellite feature. It will go live in the US and Canada in November. A recent report says that Apple has plans to bring the feature to other countries in the future.

According to reports, Apple told the Swiss website MacPrime that it would announce more countries for Emergency SOS via Satellite later this year, followed by even more countries the following year. However, it is unclear when the feature will actually go live in more countries.

The function, which is built into the Emergency SOS and Crash Detection on the iPhone 14 series (comparison), uses a satellite connection to get in touch with authorities in an emergency or in areas without WiFi or cellular networks. Through the Find My app, you can also share your location with specific contacts.

An iPhone 14 feature is satellite

Satellite functionality is a new feature that comes with the brand-new iPhone 14 series. In the event of an issue, you will be able to send a brief text message using this. Actually, this feature is only available in an emergency.

Apple claims that someone in danger can notify emergency services of their situation in just 15 seconds. They could be the latter. The victim is clearly identifiable.

American businesses have also provided some information on the operation of this innovation. He explains that open spaces can use the satellite option. with an unobstructed view of the sky The company made it clear that there might be some variations in the number of trees or other plants. However, despite the presence of structures nearby,

This new option is now only accessible on the iPhone 14. But not all nations are included. Currently, only Americans and Canadians can view it. But things might improve in the future.

By December 2022, Apple’s satellite feature will be available in other regions as well.

According to a recent source, Apple might introduce it in other regions by the end of 2022. Apple informed MacPrime of its plans to add more nations “this year” and more areas in 2023 to the satellite connectivity feature. The report did not, however, list the nations that will be included in the feature’s expanded coverage.

For individuals who purchased the iPhone 14 series in North America, the feature itself is free for two years. However, Apple has not said if it will become a paid service beyond that time. Many people in the business world even thought that Apple gave that 2-year grace period on purpose because the company hasn’t decided whether or not to charge for the service yet.

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