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TechnologyInstagram starts testing a new feature that lets you leave a note...

Instagram starts testing a new feature that lets you leave a note for your followers in 2022

Instagram, a platform for sharing quick videos and photos, is constantly being updated with new features. The platform has just announced a brand-new note function. The feature is essentially a 60-character phrase that shows up above the direct message (DMs) screen next to the user’s display photos. It is being gradually rolled out to all users and comes with the most recent update.

Some of our devices using the app’s version already have this capability. By tapping the “Your Note” button, you can create a new note for your followers on a new page that appears. According to the description at the top of this page, you won’t be able to notify your followers when you add a note.

However, they will be able to view your note and respond for 24 hours. You can share your notes with “Followers you follow back” or “Close friends” using the page’s Share with section.

What are the Notes feature?

According to Instagram, the new “Notes” function provides you a private area to communicate updates as brief text messages with certain people, who may subsequently reply to them using Instagram messaging. One note may only be shared at a time, and the preceding note will be removed if you frequently share more than one note.

How should I use the notes function?

You can read and share notes from your friends and followers in your DM section. To distribute your note, follow these instructions:

  • Launch the Instagram app on your mobile device.
  •  Visit the DM area.
  •  Select the Your Note option by tapping the button with your profile photo at the top.
  •  Click theShare your thoughts with us… and type up to 60 characters in your note.
  •  Select to share your remark with your close friends or with your followers who follow you back under the “Share with” tab.
  •  Press the “Share” icon in the top right corner.
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For 24 hours, everyone will be able to see your note at the top of the chat list. You can always delete your note by selecting the Delete note option after giving it one tap. A private chat will begin between you and the individual who replies to your letter.


What is the new notes feature on Instagram?

Instagram, a messaging app owned by Meta, has unveiled a brand-new feature called “Notes.” Users can create brief notes with a 60-character limit using this function. The notes that users create are available to followers in the DM section, and they disappear after 24 hours, just like Instagram stories.

How to get the notes on Instagram?

  • Update the Instagram app to the newest version.
  • Open the Instagram application.
  • Go to the DM section now.
  • Click or tap “Your Note” here. Whatever is on your mind, type it out.
  • Choose between followers you follow back or close friends, depending on who you want to share your note with.
  • Press Share.

What is a note shared on Instagram?

After writing, you can post it to Instagram. You cannot see who or how many people have seen your message, unlike stories. You might also give the note to your close pals in confidence.

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