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TechnologyInstagram shuts down live shopping on March 16th

Instagram shuts down live shopping on March 16th

This March, Instagram Live Shopping will come to an end when Meta disables the feature that lets users tag products during live broadcasts on the network.

Now that Live Shopping will no longer be available, the photo and video sharing service has made this announcement.

Instagram Live Shopping Ending This March

According to a report by Engadget, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, launched the Live Shopping feature on Instagram in 2020, when the COVID-19 epidemic made it necessary for most of us to stay at home.
When the pandemic was at its worst, online sales increased dramatically. Some people who lost their employment as a result of the broad shutdown around the world turned to social media to sell some items and make some money.

In order to establish online buying options on Facebook and Instagram, Meta seized the opportunity. Thus, the live shopping option was introduced about two years ago.
This time, the Meta-owned social network’s IG stated that “you will no longer be able to tag merchandise in live broadcasts.”

Users were specifically informed on the support page that “live shopping on Instagram is going away on March 16, 2023.”

Why is Instagram Killing Live Shopping Feature

After the pandemic, things altered quite quickly. The current economic climate is challenging, requiring big companies to reduce their spending. Large companies like Meta are removing features like online shopping possibilities.

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In fact, Facebook discontinued its Live Shopping feature last October, according to Engadget. And a few months later, Instagram is moving in the same direction.
The removal of the live broadcast product tagging option, according to the IG support page, should enable the photo-sharing website to “concentrate on goods and services that bring the greatest value to [their] users.”

It appears like Meta intends to focus on the essential components of the video and photo-sharing software.

Alternatives for Instagram Live Shopping

Even though the Live Shopping feature will be discontinued next month, online vendors and customers can still use the site to purchase goods.

The Verge points out that Instagram shops are here to stay. Users “will still be allowed to set up and run [their] shop on Instagram,” according to the social media platform.

The enormous social network further guarantees its members that it will “continue to invest in shopping experiences for consumers and companies.”

Instagram users could still tag things on their Stories, Reels, and feeds even without live shopping.

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