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TechnologyIn Brazil, iPhone seizing is new punishment for not including in-box charger

In Brazil, iPhone seizing is new punishment for not including in-box charger

Apple’s iPhones are currently the subject of debate in Brazil, especially because a watchdog organisation known as “Procon-DF” has banned the Cupertino cellphones from being sold in brick-and-mortar stores. It is a component of “Operation Discharge,” which removed Apple items from retail establishments’ shelves, including those run by carrier companies and licenced resellers.

The reason for this is that Apple was initially prohibited from selling its iPhones without power bricks on their boxes; the corporation was already punished for this violation of the law.

Brazil’s Operation Discharge Seized iPhones After Violation

The recent event was initially reported by TechnoBlog in Brazil, in part because Procon-DF, a consumer protection agency based in the Federal District, went so far as to seize iPhones from retail establishments due to a recent infraction. Given that both the new and older iPhones still do not come with power bricks in their boxes, Apple has undoubtedly broken yet another regulation pertaining to consumer rights in the nation.
This is a component of the regulator’s “Operation Discharge,” which intends to inform Apple that it must abide by the laws of the Brazilian city of Brasilia on this topic.

Nevertheless, a large number of iPhones were stolen from local Apple-approved resellers as well as carriers and retail outlets.

Brazilian Judge: Procon-DF Abused its Power?

According to 9to5Mac, Judge Diego Câmara Alves gave Apple until the conclusion of the final judgement for the suspension of its activities before allowing it to continue selling the iPhones without power bricks. Judge Alves claimed that the recent action taken against Apple by the authorities, particularly the removal of iPhones from stores, amounted to an “abuse of its authority.”

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Apple iPhones in the International Market

With the exception of the wired headphones, EarPods, and the power brick converter, Apple recently decided to discontinue some of the bundled accessories for the iPhone. One of the best-known examples included France; this country had already been sued, and the Cupertino business had already complied to avoid having to pay another compensation.

It is well known that one of the countries that included these in their iPhone purchases was the one that shipped iPhones from the 12 and 13 series with EarPods included in the box.

However, it was also not well accepted by other nations, as demonstrated by Brazil’s disagreement over Apple’s withdrawal of the power adaptors, which led to fines and settlements for the customers who were impacted. Brazilians place a high value on the power brick, but Apple removed it from the box with the release of the iPhone 12 in 2020.

Two years have passed since Apple stopped shipping EarPods and power bricks to the United States and the rest of the world, but some nations continue to protest the company’s decision. Brazil’s most recent action against Apple was significant, especially when it took hundreds of iPhones from retail establishments to apply its heavy hand to the matter.

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