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TechnologyIn a recent update, Google Search has added a podcast directory

In a recent update, Google Search has added a podcast directory

The function that allowed users to access playable podcasts directly from Google Search results was introduced in 2019 and will now be discontinued by Google. The podcasts in this section were those that matched the user’s search.

However, a number of users discovered that Google Search results no longer included podcast carousels.  stated in a recent update that a customised podcast directory will take its place.

Google Search Podcast Directory

Google has released a new Google Search update. According to a 9to5Google report, users will see a new card after searching for a certain kind of podcastrd after searching for a certain kind of podcast. Users of “What to Podcast” can initially filter the results by app/service availability, nation, and other subjects.
Several programmes, including well-liked podcasts, long-running series, politically charged programmes, and more, will appear in various carousels. Users can access cover art, links to listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube Podcasts, and Google Podcasts, as well as a “Visit Website” button, by tapping one of the carousels.

Along with the three most recent episodes, users will also see the description, genre, frequency of releases, and average episode length for each podcast. Users will be given access to all of the information, but the prior Google Podcast integration option that allowed users to tap to begin that episode is no longer available.

Based on the users’ stored podcasts, browsing history, saved searches, and podcast preferences, suggestions will be tailored to them. According to a Google representative, “What to Podcast” will include comprehensive information, links to various platforms, and links to podcasters’ websites.

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Google stated in their statement that recommendations can also be disabled if the user prefers more general suggestions and does not wish to see a particular kind of material. In the United States, this function is currently active on mobile devices and is only available in English.

Removing Playable Podcasts Directly in Results

Although YouTube offers Youtube podcasts, some users were disappointed by this revelation because both services catered to different customer demands. PodNews.Net revealed in January of last year that Google Search has taken podcasts off of its site.

There have been no updates on the future of this function during this time. However, a Google official then explained that the removal was planned since the company will be experimenting with new approaches to enhance the user experience.

During the first 18 months of its existence, the Google Podcast app did not get any new improvements. According to TechCrunch, the function did not give a method to do much more than click to play an episode, so it was also not a particularly well-executed Google Search product.

Podcasters, unlike YouTube’s Podcast vertical, can create an index of the various sections of an episode so that listeners can skip to the parts they prefer. Users can also view a videocast if the episode is filmed by the developers.

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