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BusinessHuawei Investigation Was Targeted by Chinese Spies, US Alleges

Huawei Investigation Was Targeted by Chinese Spies, US Alleges

The US Justice Department says that Chinese spies were caught and charged with blocking an investigation by the US into a major telecom company on behalf of China.

Which Chinese company is under investigation was not disclosed by the Justice Department. The enormous phone manufacturer, Huawei, has been confirmed by CNN’s covert sources, though.

The US Justice Department Charges Chinese Spies

According to the most recent South China Morning Post report, the US Justice Department has revealed that two Chinese citizens were charged on Monday, October 24. The Department of Justice (DOJ) alleges that these two men are apparently Chinese intelligence agents. And it turns out that the alleged spies look to be attempting to obstruct a probe into Huawei.
The two men charged are Zheng Wang and Gouchun He, according to a recent report by BBC News based on the charging documents.

The document further disclosed that they allegedly bribed US law enforcement into getting information on an investigation into a Chinese firm. It appears that they are attempting to get their hands on probe details, such as looming criminal charges, the witnesses behind the case, and whatever evidence they might have.

But apart from this case information, the two Chinese spies allegedly asked the official to covertly tape the trail strategy meetings for the probe into the China telecom.

The two Chinese nationals reportedly gave the US official cash, jewelry, and about $41,000 in Bitcoin, according to the BBC.

Is it the US Investigation Against Huawei?

The US DOJ’s charging documents, according to the Hong Kong-based news source South China Morning Post, do not specifically state which Chinese telecom firm was under investigation. However, the media outlet claims that it is most likely Huawei, supporting CNN’s discovery.
On July 15, 2020, as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaks during a press conference at the State Department in Washington, DC, a monitor behind him shows the Huawei logo.

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It is important to note that the massive Chinese phone manufacturer, Huawei, has not yet commented on the US Justice Department’s most recent announcement. Bloomberg, among other news organizations, had received confirmation from unnamed sources that Huawei was the Chinese company.

The large phone manufacturer was previously charged with fraud in New York in 2019. That’s not all, though. The South China Morning Post says that the Chinese company could face more charges in the US in 2020 for stealing trade secrets from the US. These charges include conspiracy and federal racketeering.

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