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TechnologyHow will a hurricane in Louisiana that disrupts the oil supply affect...

How will a hurricane in Louisiana that disrupts the oil supply affect US output price level and unemployment in the long run group of answer choices?

increase aggregate demand in China and increase aggregate demand in the U.S. How will a hurricane in Louisiana that disrupts the oil supply affect U.S. output, price level, and unemployment in the long run? Output will remain unchanged, price level will remain unchanged, and unemployment will remain unchanged.

How will a hurricane in Louisiana that disrupts the oil supply?

FEEDBACK: A hurricane in Louisiana will lead to a short-run supply disruption mainly in terms of oil resources. This will shift the SRAS curve to the left. The lower output in the short run will lead to higher unemployment and exert a downward pressure on wages.

How does technology affect aggregate supply?

An advance in technology makes it possible to produce more output with a given quantity of resources or to produce the same quantity of output with fewer resources, hence causing an increase in both long-run and short-run aggregate supply.

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How does technology affect supply?

Shifts in a supply curve are usually the result of advances in technology that reduce the input costs of production. Technological advances that improve production efficiency will shift a supply curve to the right. The cost of production goes down, and consumers will demand more of the product at lower prices.

What is the economic impact of a hurricane?

Infrastructure damage or loss. Clean-up and repair costs. Day-to-day business operations in various industry sectors in the storm-affected areas. The “butterfly” effect of supply-chain interruptions on manufacturing and distribution.

How did Hurricane Katrina effect the economy?

Introduction. Hurricane Katrina is tied as the costliest hurricane to have ever hit the United States, with $125 billion in damages. In New Orleans alone, an estimated 95,000 individuals lost their jobs in the 10 months following the hurricane, accounting for $2.9 billion in lost wages.

How did Hurricane Katrina affect the ecosystem?

In addition to its tragic human toll, Katrina left an environmental toll of oil spills, storm debris, damaged sewage and water treatment systems, abandoned housing, and widespread mold.

Which of the following would cause a downward movement along the aggregate demand curve quizlet?

Explanation: Only a change in the price level will result in a movement along the aggregate demand curve. Whenever the price level decreases, the result is a downward movement along the aggregate demand curve and an increase in the quantity of real GDP demanded. You just studied 16 terms!

How did Hurricane Ida affect oil production?

Last year, the GOM accounted for 15% of U.S. crude oil production. According to our Weekly Petroleum Status Report, gross inputs into Gulf Coast refineries fell by 1.6 million b/d from the week ending August 27 to the week ending September 3.

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How technology can have an impact on supply chain management function?

Technology reduces labor costs by streamlining data-capture and reducing error-prone manual processes. Access to real-time, up-to-date information across the entire supply chain is having a significant impact on how companies are doing, and expect to do business. Access to real-time information has significant impact.

How does technology help to create resources?

Technology is an important factor that changes substances into resources. People themselves are the most important resource. It is their ideas, knowledge, inventions, and discoveries that lead to the creation of more resources. Each discovery or invention leads to many others.

What is the role of technology in the preservation of our natural resources?

One of the most significant ways to contribute to saving the environment is to sustainably generate and use the available energy resources. Some examples of technology-efficient energy solutions are fuel cells, lithium-air batteries, hydrogen energy storage, and thermal energy collectors.

How do hurricanes affect businesses?

Tax revenues drop immediately after a storm, as business is disrupted and some residents may move away. Although an influx of aid provides a short-term cushion, localities hit by storms see their revenue bases erode as people move out and property values and economic activity decline.

What impact do hurricanes have on society?

When a hurricane strikes a community, it leaves an obvious path of destruction. As a result of high winds and water from a storm surge, homes, businesses, and crops may be destroyed or damaged, public infrastructure may also be compromised, and people may suffer injuries or loss of life.

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How did Louisiana rebuild after Katrina?

The Army Corps of Engineers oversaw a $14.5 billion effort to rebuild and improve the New Orleans levees and build out protections for the surrounding suburbs south of Lake Pontchartrain, starting with a 130-mile ring to block storm surges of up to 30 feet, The Associated Press reports.

Did Katrina cause inflation?

Adjusted for inflation, Katrina caused an economic damage of $170 billion, $53 billion of which was insured. Maria caused $95 billion in damages. Hurricane Harvey, which hit Texas and Louisiana the same year, has a final tally of $131 billion.

Has New Orleans recovered from Katrina?

Some areas have fully rebounded, while other sites still have storm damage or have been left uninhabited. But overall, the city has bounced back well since 2005.

How did Hurricane Katrina change Earth?

Katrina’s physical destruction released oil from production facilities and chemicals from kitchen sinks into waterways. The storm knocked down trees, washed out marshes, killed thousands of animals and sent potential invasive species adrift into new environments.

How could Hurricane Katrina been prevented?

Levees, flood walls, pumps Higher and more resistant levees and flood walls were constructed throughout the region. Emergency pumps and canal closures were installed at the ends of the outfall canals. The pumps were designed to significantly reduce flooding heights in 100- and 500-year events.


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