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How to get iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island feature on any Android smartphone In 2022

Undoubtedly, the new Dynamic Island feature from Apple drives people insane. People are switching from the standard iPhone 14 to the iPhone 14 Pro only for this function. You don’t have to completely change your phone or operating system, though, if you have an Android phone and want to test out the feature.

In the form of an app named “dynamic spot,” which works on any Android phone with a notch or pill-shaped cutout, a duplicate of the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island has made its way to the Google Play Store for Android.

It will take some time to set up the programme, but once you have it set up, you will have your own Dynamic Island with app support for the applications you choose and multitasking support for times when you have several jobs running simultaneously.

Android phones may now use Apple’s Dynamic Island feature thanks to the Google Play Store

Compared to Apple’s Dynamic Island, this app is superior. Already, 100,000 people have downloaded the app. The software is currently being developed, according to the app’s description. However, anyone can download the app and provide reviews.

Users may access a variety of controls and information through Dynamic Island, including Now Playing, timers, and other system-wide alerts like AirPods connecting. Realme, a Chinese company that makes smartphones, was looking for ideas to copy Apple’s Dynamic Island when it accidentally called it “very tempting.”

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Here’s how to download and install the app:

Step 1: Get DynamicSpot from the Play Store

The Google Play Store offers a free version of the DynamicSpot app. Go to the Play Store, type in “dynamic spot,” and then install the app to download it.

Step 2: Setting up the application

To access the permissions page after installing the app for the first time, click the ‘Next’ button at the bottom. To grant the app access to show notifications from specific apps, read incoming notifications, and draw on top of the screen, tap on each piece here.

When you’re through granting access, click “Done” at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: Configuring the pill

Go to Popup settings > Dimensions from the home page and move the three sliders till the pill is lined up with the notch or pill on your phone.

Keep in mind that you’ll require the Rs. 99 ($1) Pro edition of the app. It will offer a number of sophisticated features, such as the ability to customise single-tap and long-press actions and display the island on the lock screen.


How to download Dynamic Island in Android?

The Google Play Store offers a free version of the DynamicSpot app. Install the app after searching for “dynamicspot” in the Play Store to download it.

Does Android have Dynamic Island?

You can simply get the Dynamic Island feature on the iPhone 14 Pro on an Android device by using dynamicSpot! You have access to the Dynamic Island small multitasking function with dynamicSpot, which makes it simpler to see recent alerts or changes in phone status.

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