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GamingHow to Get Better at Ultimate Warding League 2022

How to Get Better at Ultimate Warding League 2022

Today, we are going to discuss How to Get Better at Ultimate Warding League 2022

In League of Legends, warding is the process of strategically placing wards on a map to learn as much as possible about your opponents’ positioning and tactics. You can entirely alter the nature of the game, confront opponents, and thwart their strategies by using warding. You can also stay one step ahead of your adversaries and predict their manoeuvres.

This article will go over various warding strategies and how to use them to fully comprehend the map. You can gank, dodge ganks, win fights, and finally win the war if you have better eyes than your adversaries.

What Are Wards?

When you level up by defeating the adversary team and bot, you can purchase wards from the shop in-game. After purchasing wards, you can set them up in areas where there is a heavy fog of war. The wards will dissipate the fog, allowing you to see the area on the map. Your team will win if you deploy the proper wards at the right moment.

Each ward operates more efficiently in some wards and places than others. Wards, their effects, and how to utilise them will be covered first.

Stealth  Ward

When these wards are placed, they become invisible to enemies but are visible to control wards and sweeper drones. Three stealth wards can be set up by each player in total. The first ward is eliminated when the fourth ward is placed.

  • It lasts 150 seconds and has a 600-cast range.
  • Any attack has no effect on the three hit points that Wards have.
  • In addition to giving the killer gold, the ward’s health does not regenerate.

Totem Ward

Early on in the game, the yellow ward is your strongest defensive choice. You can learn more about the enemy’s encounter by using Totem in the region of your map.

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The limit of three wards is shared with stealth wards.

The grand sight lasts for 900 units and lasts for 90–120 depending on the champion level.

The ward functions similarly to stealth and has three hit points.

Manage Ward

Since it can disable hostile wards (other than control wards) if they are within its range, the control ward is typically used offensively.

  • After advancing to level 9, you can only purchase control wards.
  • Each player may place only one bet at a time. When you set the second one, the previous one will be instantly taken out.
  • It has an endless time restriction unless the adversary destroys it and gives sight to the 900 units around it.

Farsight ward

The farsight ward can be put up to 4000 units away, and for five seconds, adversaries are disclosed despite having a significantly lower vision radius (500) than other wards (900). The gameplay differs since it is really unique compared to other wards. You can use a farsight ward to engage adversaries using a variety of tactics.

  • For two seconds, it reveals a region up to 4000 units away (148-99 second cooldown).
  • If you hit an enemy champion, you can see them for 5 seconds. Champions who are in stealth are not affected.
  • It also has an endless lifespan, just like control wards.
  • There is only one hit point available for Farsight Ward.

Zombie Ward

You will get a zombie ward in your trinket slot if you eliminate hostile wards close to the allied wards.

  • Zombies are protected for 120 seconds.
  • Along with the trinket wards, you can add three more wards.

How Can I Improve My Warding?

You must understand wards, their types, how they operate, and where to put them if you want to improve at warding. You’ll have better map visibility and information if you use Wards wisely.

The success of a team depends on the placement and timing of the wards. Therefore, you must position your wards where they will be most effective in helping your team defeat the opposition.

Place the wards properly.

Ward’s colour changes depending on the kind of environment you put them in. If your cursor turns white while placing a ward, the area is either ground or a river. When the cursor is over terrain or a wall, it turns red, whereas placing it on grass turns it green. You can see adversaries through the fog at the warding locations listed below.


Ward’s Permeates Walls

In these locations, you can pass through walls.

  • in the turret channel, in the space between the two entrances.
  • Whenever you believe the hostile forest is a robot,
  • Above the river lane, walls.

When the pointer turns red, aim for the bottom of the wall and set the ward.

Warding Places

You can position yourself for the best outcomes by using these tips and tactics.

  • Place control wards wherever there is a chance of defence.
  • Keep the control ward away from your stealth ward.
  • The control ward should not be placed in the centre of the tri-bush. It is safe for enemies to remove it. Place it towards the lane area instead.
  • Set up a stealth ward at the tri bush’s bottom edge to detect opponents that are diving for cover.

Using vision effectively

The map has three different sorts of vision. The League of Legends map is divided into two halves, like a football field, by the midway line.

The fog of war prevents you from running directly to the enemy’s base. You’ll never be aware of an enemy’s strength or position. Therefore, it is crucial to visualise the enemy’s movements and location through warding. On the map, there are three different vision types.

Protective Vision

The defence vision includes everything in the neighbourhood and on your side of the river. You place your stealth ward here in the jungles to get clear information on enemy movement.

Have sight lines if you can, so you can keep an eye on your adversaries’ movements.

Lack of Vision

The area of the map next to the river and everything nearby has a neutral perspective. This part of the map is when the action is most intense, as opponents and turrets are closing in. The secret to seeing a neutral vision further is to successfully place wards while participating in the battle. You will be able to avoid being ambushed and cautiously confront adversaries.

Unfavorable Vision

It is located across the river. Here, the secret is to take things slowly. Make sure you have a neutral vision before switching to an offensive vision. The only way to recover if you are pushed back is to have a neutral view nearby.

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Always keep an eye on the big picture map to know where your adversaries are.

Purchase Control Wards right away.

When you reach level 9, you can purchase control wards. The enemy team primarily employs a stealth ward to defend and has the most vision in regions close to their turrets, so buy them to play a more attacking game. You must demolish the adversary’s base.

The control ward helps turn off the stealth ward of the enemy, which gives you an advantage when taking out their turret.

Move the control wards, please.

Control wards are observable by the opponent team. As a result, after setting up a control ward, you are more likely to betray your tactics to the opposing team. Once the area is clean, moving control is a good strategy to play offensively.

Every player, not only support players, should use wards.

Because support players cannot lead the wave of the game if other players are unaware of the vision zones of the map, each player should purchase wards and install them strategically. In this league game, having more players with wards means more vision, and more vision means more information, and knowledge is essential to winning wars.

As You Level Up, Your Vision Will Change.

Players frequently become trapped in defensive or neutral vision as they are pushed back, as I described in the section above regarding the three forms of vision. If you keep getting pushed back, switch from Stealth wards to Control wards and destroy enemy turrets before you attack.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to start out defensively and proceed cautiously. A counterattack will occur if you immediately go on the offensive while neglecting your defensive vision. Therefore, alter your view gradually.


The guide for today has come to an end. In this video on “How To Get Better At Warding In League Of Legends,” I hope I was able to teach you a lot. Climb the ladder of success by making use of the knowledge you have gained about vision control, ward placement, ward timing, and everything else.

Stay tuned for more updates, postvines

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