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TechnologyHow to Fix a “Kindle Fire Won’t Charge” issue 2022

How to Fix a “Kindle Fire Won’t Charge” issue 2022

Today, we are going to discuss How to Fix a “Kindle Fire Won’t Charge” issue 2022

Numerous factors could prevent your Kindle Fire from charging. Because the Kindle Fire is a low-cost tablet, many of them frequently experience problems like getting stuck on the logo screen, not charging, and not starting. But in this article, we’ll discuss a number of potential causes that could prevent your Kindle Fire from charging and how to fix them.

You can buy the amazing Amazon Kindle Fire tablet for a reasonable price. When Amazon first opened its doors in 1995, it was only a book store. As time went on, though, it began to add additional goods and categories, and today it offers more than 10 million things in dozens of different categories. A tablet called the Amazon Fire Kindle carries on the tradition by providing millions of books on your device. It was created to offer you a real book reading experience on a digital platform. Millions of people use the Kindle tablet today for many tasks, including reading books, doing office work, and presentations.

Unfortunately, many models of the Kindle Fire are known to have a number of problems. The main cause of this is the tablet’s low cost. Users’ major problem with the Kindle is the charger or charging port. After a few years, they are known to stop working for a variety of reasons. The answers to the issues with your Amazon Kindle Fire tablet are listed below.

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Reasons why your Kindle Fire won’t charge

There are four potential causes for the issue when your Kindle Fire won’t charge. However, we encourage you to keep track of any recent adjustments you have made to the hardware or software of your Kindle and attempt to roll them back. The causes of your Kindle Fire’s ceasing to charge are listed below.

  • configuration or software-related difficulties.
  • There is a charger issue.
  • is a problem with the outlet for charging.
  • battery that is dead or damaged
  • corrupt or broken files on the system.

How to Fix a Kindle Fire That Won’t Turn On

As we’ve already mentioned, there are many issues that require various solutions. If you want to successfully fix your Kindle Fire and charge it once more, you must attempt each of the methods we have listed.

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Method 1: Restart your Device

We are aware that you have already reset your device, which is very evident. We still advise you to restart it, but this time, shut it down for 30 to 60 seconds first before pushing the power button and starting it again. The restart will resolve any software issues that are stopping your device from receiving power.

Method 2: Check your Power cable and Adapter

If the first approach doesn’t work, you should check your charger to see if it has any flaws that could prevent your cellphone from charging. Use the same charger with a different device to see whether it charges that one as well. If the gadget isn’t charging, remove the power adapter and cord and test each component independently.

You can try charging the Kindle Fire tablet by connecting your charger USB cable to the PC. If not, test the power adapter’s functionality with another USB cable and see if it’s in excellent shape.

Replace any hardware parts that stop functioning by placing an Amazon order for a new one.

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Method 3: Change the Charging Port

Because charging ports are delicate, they weaken over time and accumulate dust and other material, which could prevent your charger from receiving any electrical impulses. After switching your charging socket, try charging your phone again.Remove your charging cable, attach it to a direct power source, and test your connection if you are using an extension to supply the power.

By letting the air out and removing any dust or other debris that has become lodged inside the power socket, you can clean it.

Method 3: Try Resetting your Kindle Tab

If the power cord and adapter are functioning properly, you should turn your attention to the software parts. We can try a soft reset to see if that fixes this problem and any others with your Kindle Fire. To soft reset your Kindle, follow these instructions.

  • Hold down the power button for 40 seconds on your Kindle tablet.
  • Restart your device.
  • Try connecting the charger.
  • Check to see if your phone is charging again.

Method 4: Restore your device to its original factory settings.

If the problem persists even after conducting a soft reset, you should consider performing a hard reset. Please be aware that a hard reset will entirely erase all of the data on your device. Before doing a full reset, please back up your device and its data to a safe place, and then follow these steps.

  • Do a complete data backup on a different machine.
  • To access the settings menu, swipe down on the notification bar. Additionally, you can access the settings app by going to the All Apps area.
  • Choosing Device Options
  • Go to the “Reset to factory defaults” option.
  • Verify the reset.

Method 5: Change your Battery

If none of the aforementioned solutions work to charge your Kindle, what should you do? Then it is time to think about a dead or malfunctioning battery. This is a serious issue, and unlike all other solutions, replacing a battery on an Amazon Kindle Fire takes time and specialised knowledge. The battery is pricey and may end up costing you the same as a brand-new Amazon Fire.

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You can buy a new battery from a third-party seller on Amazon even though Amazon doesn’t provide any battery replacement services. Here is an illustration of a product you can buy.

Last Words!

You may troubleshoot your Kindle Fire and fix the “Kindle Fire Won’t Charge” issue on your device by using the methods and fixes listed here. These methods have been tried and are known to work on a number of devices to fix the problem.

You can leave a comment below and a member of our support staff will get back to you if you have any queries or need any additional information regarding the Amazon Kindle Fire and the numerous faults connected to it.


When your Kindle Fire won’t charge, how can you fix it?

Charge up your Fire tablet.

  • Remove your device from the charging apparatus, including the power adapter and wire.
  • Press and hold the power button for 40 seconds until your device restarts.
  • Reconnect your device so that it can recharge; connect the power adapter’s wire to your device, and then plug the outlet adapter into the wall.

Why is my Amazon Fire tablet not turning on or charging?

Your device may not be able to switch on or charge for one of the following reasons: inadequate power. an issue with the outlet or charger. Hardware inside has been harmed.

Can Kindle Fire charging port be repaired?

Your Kindle Fire HD 8.9’s broken charger port may be the cause of its inability to maintain a charge. We’ll repair it for you on-site after a free diagnostic, so bring it in.

Why won’t my Kindle power on or charge?

As previously noted, a potential cause of your Kindle not turning on could be that the battery is dead. Therefore, charging your Kindle’s battery is a simple solution to this issue. Before attempting to power on your Kindle once more, make sure it has been charged for at least a couple of solid hours.

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