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Frequently Asked QuestionsHow much lower city rep per Shadow Labs run?

How much lower city rep per Shadow Labs run?

Normal trash mobs give 12 reputation to Lower City per kill (15 in Heroic); larger mobs, such as Fel Overseers and Malicious Instructors, give 24 (30 in Heroic). All bosses give 120 reputation (250 in Heroic mode). An average run, killing only the mobs needed to reach the end, gives approximately 2,000 reputation.

Does Mana-Tombs give lower city rep?

As a sidenote, Mana-Tombs will not yield any Lower City reputation as it is a dungeon for the Consortium and those who want to bump their reputation up with them.

Where is Caverns of Time TBC?

Located in the eastern part of Tanaris, the Caverns of Time contain various portals to different key historical periods and events in Warcraft history. The caverns act as a crossroads for the various timelines, and through them one can travel back and forth along the ebb and flow of time.

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What level should I be for the Shadow Labyrinth tank?

Shadow Labirynth is hard, it goes without saying. Keep this in mind: your healer and tank must be level 70, or the healer at least, unless you will wipe few times.

What level is Seth halls?

Sethekk Halls is a wing of the Auchindoun instance. It’s geared for 5 level 67-69 players (although it will appear in the dungeon finder menu for level 66 characters). The entrance is on the east side of the Ring of Observance.

Where is the Lower City Quartermaster?

Their quartermaster, Nakodu, is located at the market in the Lower City. The Lower City of Shattrath also contains a very useful Mana Loom or an Alchemy Lab. Many NPCs have extensive knowledge of crafting.

Can you AFK Caverns of Time?

The Caverns of Time. Accept the quest and stay afk around 7-9 minutes in the pink circle until get the quest credit.

What happened to durnholde keep?

Durnholde Keep has been mostly abandoned by the Syndicate and taken over by the Forsaken. Under the command of Captain Jekyll at Eastpoint Tower, the Keep is a staging ground for level 23-25 Horde recruits.

How do you get Primal Nether?

Primal Nethers can be obtained from three different sources, a guaranteed drop by the final bosses in Heroic Dungeons, a rare drop from high level regular dungeons, or purchased directly from G’eras in Shattrath for 10 Badge of Justice, also rewarded from Heroic Dungeons.

Do I need key for Shadow Labs?

The Shadow Labyrinth only requires players to be at least level 65 to enter the Normal Mode. However, a door blocks the entrance, and to open it, players must obtain the Shadow Labyrinth Key.

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Does Shadow Labs give rep?

Normal Difficulty Each boss grants 120 reputation. A Normal Shadow Labyrinth run will give around 2,150 reputation.

Can I do shadow labs at 68?

Shadow Labyrinth is one of the four instances in Auchindoun in Terokkar Forest, with a recommended level range of 69-70. All Dungeon Quests are designed to be completed on Normal mode. In addition to getting extra experience, dungeon quests also reward valuable gear and quest rewards.

Can I tank Steamvaults at 68?

You can enter The Steamvault in Normal Mode as early as level 65, but 68-70 is recommended. The Steamvault is located inside Coilfang Reservoir, in Zangarmarsh, along with The Slave Pens, The Underbog, and the raid Serpentshrine Cavern.

Can I do shadow labs at 69?

Shadow Labyrinth is the southern wing of Auchindoun. Shadow Labyrinth ranges from levels 69-70 on Normal Mode, with Heroic Mode meant for level 70s and four bosses including: Ambassador Hellmaw, Blackheart the Inciter, Grandmaster Vorpil, Murmur.

What happened at Auchindoun?

Many draenei were killed, and Auchindoun was blasted apart. Waves of destructive energy rolled out and leveled the surrounding forest. Maladaar and a handful of his draenei used their magics to shield themselves from the blast. But though they survived, they no longer had the numbers to resist the Shadow Council.

How do I start Black Morass?

Once everyone is ready, accept Escape from Durnholde. Rescue Thrall from the keep and once the final boss is defeated, head back to Erozion and pick up Return to Andormu. Turning in Return to Andormu will open up the quest The Black Morass, allowing you to enter The Black Morass.

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What rep does Mana-Tombs give?

A complete clear of Mana-Tombs will give about 1200 reputation with the Consortium until Honored, and 2400 each Heroic clear.

How long is auchenai crypts TBC?

Comment by 3316. The Auchenai Crypts are on the west side of Auchindoun. It’s a short instance that takes about 2hrs to complete at a normal pace with pauses for drinking and all that.

How do you do heroic crypts?

To enter Heroic Dungeon mode, you’ll need to be level 70, and must obtain the Heroic key for each dungeon hub. For Auchindoun dungeons, once a player reaches Revered with Lower City, they can purchase the Heroic Key: Auchenai Key from the Reputation Quartermaster, Nakodu.

How many bosses are in Sethekk Halls?

The dungeon contains 3 bosses. The end boss of Sethekk Halls is Talon King Ikiss. This dungeon can be played at normal and heroic levels.

Can you do Sethekk Halls at 65?

Sethekk Halls is a wing of the Auchindoun instance. It’s geared for 5 level 67-69 players (although it will appear in the dungeon finder menu for level 65 characters). The entrance is on the east side of the Ring of Observance.

Do you need a key for Sethekk Halls?

This includes the Mana-Tombs, Auchenai Crypts, Sethekk Halls and the Shadow Labyrinth. Important: All players in the group must have the Auchenai Key to access any of these instances in Heroic Difficulty. If one of the players doesn’t have it, they’ll be left at the entrance.


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