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Frequently Asked QuestionsHow much does the Berry Chantilly cake at Whole Foods cost?

How much does the Berry Chantilly cake at Whole Foods cost?

Whole Foods Berry Chantilly cake costs more than your average retail bakery cake, with prices ranging from $12 for a 4-inch round cake to $180 for a double-layered full sheet cake. In addition, Chantilly cupcakes typically cost around $4 each, while slices cost approximately $3.99 each.

Is Whole Foods Chantilly cake good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Tne Best! This cake is the best. Everything about it is five star The frosting can’t be beat as it is creamy and not to sweet. The berries are fresh and tasty along with the delicious mix of berries and creamy frosting between layers.

Does Whole Foods Berry Chantilly cake need to be refrigerated?

Because this berry Chantilly cake contains fresh fruits and whipped cream, it must be kept refrigerated. The whipped cream is stabilized by the vanilla pudding mix though so it the frosting is stable for 1-2 days with no problems.

How many does an 8 inch cake feed?

8 inch cakes can be sensibly served to 14 people cutting each slice at about 2 1⁄4 inches across the back. 2 1⁄4 inches is about the length of the spoon part of a tablespoon. 8 inch cakes can also be cut event style. Cutting an 8 inch cake event style can serve up to 24 people.

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Why is it called Chantilly cake?

In Hawaii, Chantilly Cake dates back to the 1950s. Usually, Chantilly cakes are chocolate cakes with a Chantilly frosting, which is essentially the coconut frosting from a German chocolate cake without the coconut. This is in contrast to the typical usage of creme Chantilly, which refers to sweetened whipped cream.

Can Chantilly cake be frozen?

Leftovers can be refrigerated, covered, for up to 5 days. It’s not recommended to freeze an assembled berry Chantilly cake, but you can bake the sponge cake in advance and freeze it for up to 3 months.

What is in Publix Chantilly cake?

Chantilly. Three layers of cake filled with raspberry puree, orange zest, and fresh blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. Freshly made Chantilly cream frosting and fresh fruit make it the perfect treat.

Who invented Berry Chantilly cake?

Chaya Conrad, owner of Bywater Bakery in New Orleans, created the Berry Chantilly Cake that is sold at Whole Foods throughout the United States. She then brought the Berry Gentilly Cake to Rouses Markets throughout the South. Here she demonstrates how to assemble this much-loved cake that was created in New Orleans.

How long does Berry Chantilly cake last in fridge?

Storing Leftover Chantilly Cake In the Refrigerator: Since the frosting and layers are whipped cream-based, it is best to keep your Chantilly cake in the refrigerator. It will keep for up to 2 days. In the Freezer: You can store unfrosted cake layers in the freezer, wrapped tightly in plastic wrap, for 3-6 months.

Whats in Whole Foods Chantilly cake?

Ingredients: Vanilla Cake (Natural Vanilla Cake Mix [Sugar, Wheat Flour, Food Starch-modified, Wheat Starch, Sunflower Oil, Leavening (Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate, Monocalcium Phosphate), Wheat Gluten, Salt, Natural Flavor, Corn Starch, Wheat Protein Isolate, Mono-and-diglycerides, Cellulose Gum, …

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Can I reserve a turkey at Whole Foods?

A: Yes! For your turkey, holiday meals, entrées and party platters, you can reserve online, then pick up in store.

Are Whole Foods turkeys frozen?

The biggest difference for almost any turkey you choose at Whole Foods Market is that they are fresh. Our birds are harvested close to the time of being sold. Now, you may see ice on our fresh birds because we chill them below 30°F to keep them safe and fresh, but they aren’t frozen.

How many does 6inch cake serve?

A round 6-inch cake can easily feed up to 11 people if you cut each slice 1 inch wide. If cut a bit more generously, a round 6-inch cake can serve up to 5 people, with the serving being richer in quantity. A square 6-inch cake can feed up to 18 people as it is bigger than round shapes.

How many slices can you get from a 9 inch cake?

The most common size for homemade cake recipes is a large rectangle. It’s baked in a standard 9-by-13-inch cake pan. This is a perfect size for parties, and you can expect to get between 12 and 20 slices from a single cake.

How many does a 3 Layer 8 inch cake serve?

The average 12″ wedding cake serves 40-60 people. The 10″ cake on top of that serves 30-40 people and the 8″ cake on top of that serves 20-25 people. So a classic 3-tier cake with 12, 10, and 8 inch layers serves about 100 people.

What is the flavor of Chantilly?

What Does Chantilly Cream Taste Like? Chantilly cream tastes very similar to whipped cream. It has a silky, creamy texture and is quite sweet, thanks to the confectioner’s sugar that is used in the recipe. Depending on whether you flavor it with extracts or liqueurs, it can take on a whole other layer of flavor.

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What is the difference between Chantilly and whipped cream?

Chantilly cream is not exactly like whipped cream, but it’s just about the same. The biggest difference between the two is that whipped cream isn’t usually sweetened as much as a Chantilly cream. Usually Chantilly cream has about twice as much sugar in it as opposed to whipped cream, but some may have even more!

How many carbs are in Chantilly cake?

Berry Chantilly Cake (1 slice) contains 40g total carbs, 39g net carbs, 16g fat, 3g protein, and 300 calories.

Does freezing a cake make it more moist?

If you stored it properly, it will be able to retain its moisture. This is because freezing stops steam from escaping from your cake. Once thawed, your cake will still be moist and many people even swear that their cakes taste even better after being kept in the freezer for weeks or months.

Can you freeze whip cream frosting?

Can you freeze stabilized whipped cream? You’ll love the answer: yes! As long as you make the whipped cream recipe as written with heavy cream, it will freeze nicely.

Is it better to freeze cake before frosting?

While you do not have to freeze a cake before frosting, it is recommended. Freezing a cake before frosting it will result in a moister cake and it will be easier to decorate and add icing.

Does Publix have best cakes?

Publix. When it comes to grocery store cakes, though Publix reigns supreme. This Southern grocery store chain offers cakes in a handful of irresistible flavors. You can order cookies and cream, raspberry cream cheese, caramel pecan praline, rocky road and toasted coconut cakes along with many other flavors.

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