How many locations does Bolla market have?

Expanding the Tim Hortons brand “We do plan to expand the [Tim Hortons] brand pretty significantly in this market over the next year or so,” said Phil Hayes, chief operating officer for Bolla Oil Corp., which owns and operates 150 stores branded Bolla Market and distributes wholesale fuel to 50 other stations.

Who is Harry Singh?

Thirty-eight years ago, Harry Singh came from India to New York with nothing more than a dream for a better life and now he runs a billion-dollar gas station business in Garden City. Singh, of Old Westbury, is the founder and CEO of Bolla Oil Corporation.

How did Harry Singh make money?

Answer: When Hari use to go for shopping to buy some vegetables. Then he use to keep some rupees for himself from the money left after shopping. Like this he used to make money.

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Why did Hari Singh make money?

Question Bank, Mock Tests, Exam Papers Hari Singh make little money for himself by writing magazines or any other types of stories. We can say this because his life style was simple and he used to spend according to his pocket at all time.

How much money did Hari Singh make?

Answer: the morning. He made a profit of one rupee from buying the day’s supplies. Anil knew everything about Had Singh’s stealings but didn’t seem to mind them.

Why was Hari Singh not paid in cash by Anil?

How did Hari Singh make money though he was not paid by Anil? Ans. Hari Singh did all the market chores for Anil. He saved money from the things he purchased as Anil never asked him to give the accounts.

Why is Hari Singh regretted?

Answer: Hari Singh felt bad after stealing the money because he realise that Anil’s friendship with him was based on trust apart from that he realise that education can change his life and he can earn much more so he returned to Anil’s house and kept the money back in it’s position.

What did Hari do to earn his living?

He earned something by writing articles and stories for magazines. But one day Anil came home with a bundle of notes. He told Hari that he had earned six hundred rupees by selling one of his books.

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What stopped Hari Singh escaping?

After stealing money from Anil, Hari Singh tries to go away forever. But some inner voice stops him from doing so. He returns to Anil because he wants to live a life of respect.

How did Hari steal the money from Anil?

Hari Singh saw with his own eyes how Anil tucked the bundle of money under the mattress of his bed. When Anil was asleep, Hari Singh crept up to the bed. He slid his hand under the mattress and drew the money out of the bundle without making a sound.

How did Hari make money working with Anil?

Hari liked working for Anil. He was happy to carry on the chores for him and was grateful for the education he was receiving. He used to make a profit of about a rupee a day as well, which was a decent amount besides being fed.

How did Hari make profit of a rupee a day?

Answer: he made profit by stealing money whenever he got chance in the day. anil did not reacted even after knowing everything.

How much money did Hari steal?

He slipped the money under the mattress and slept. After tea, Anil gave Hari Singh a fifty rupee not and promised to pay him regularly. The note was still wet.

Why is narrator grateful?

Answer: the narrator felt grateful towards luz for helping him during the toughest times and finding out his negative side in life.

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What did Anil offer to teach Hari?

Anil had been teaching Hari Singh to read and write. He thought that without education, he would remain only a thief. But with education, he would become a big, clever and respected man.

What had Hari forgotten in the excitement of the theft?

In the excitement of theft, Hari Singh forgot about his education. He forgot that what education would have given him in his future that theft would never give.

Why was it difficult to Hari to rob Anil?

Answer: It was difficult for Hari to rob Anil because Anil was the most trusting person Hari had ever met. He was really simple and kind. Hari knew that loss of money will not affect Anil but the loss of trust will make him sad.

What is the moral of the story the thief’s story?

The moral of the story is the human values and relations are important in life and such values can change a person too. Hari Singh was an intelligent fifteen-year-old boy. He was a thief and conman who always lived alone and took on a new name every month to escape from the police and his former employers.

Did Hari like working for Anil?

Answer: Yes, Hari liked working for Anil. He was happy to carry on the chores for him and was grateful for the education he was receiving. He used to make profit of about a rupee a day as well, which was a decent amount besides being fed.