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TechnologyHow has the Internet changed how people use leisure time?

How has the Internet changed how people use leisure time?

How has the Internet changed the way that people use leisure time? b)People now spend a lot of their leisure time reading articles online, watching movies and television shows, as well as communicating with friends, family, and work associates. How are changes in technology changing the nature of recreation?

How has technology enabled the shift from spontaneous to organized recreation?

It has made it easier to organize people. How has technology enabled the shift from spontaneous to organized recreation? There are limits to the number of CDs that you can sell to any one person, but more “ephemeral” products like mp3s and downloaded movies can be sold faster and more often.

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What is technology in recreation?

Technology based activities utilize computers, smart phones, video games, and electronics for therapeutic benefits. Technology has provided easily accessible means of communication and assistance to many individuals.

What are the impacts of gadgets in recreational activity participation of students?

Gadgets effect on behavior and mental changes Students who spend a lot of time on gadgets may become more violent, lose interest in other things of the environment surrounding them, laziness, less interest in other hobbies, and lacking interest in academics. This problem leads children/students to bad personalities.

Did technology change the younger leisure time?

New technologies have changed the way children spend their free time Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. It is true that children spend much of their time to play with the last technology devices. The most one is that children now have a range of choices to enjoy their free time rather than the past.

How does science and technology affect the development of the society?

Series. Science and technology have had a major impact on society, and their impact is growing. By making life easier, science has given man the chance to pursue societal concerns such as ethics, aesthetics, education, and justice; to create cultures; and to improve human conditions.

How science and technology affects in our society?

Technology affects the way individuals communicate, learn, and think. It helps society and determines how people interact with each other on a daily basis. Technology plays an important role in society today. It has positive and negative effects on the world and it impacts daily lives.

How has the information revolution changed the nature of work?

How has the Information Revolution changed the nature of work and the economy? It has shifted the economy toward the production of knowledge and services. How could the Information Revolution affect urbanization? Cities might shrink because people can live anywhere and still work at the same job.

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What does the uses and gratifications paradigm assume about media audiences quizlet?

Uses and gratifications theory is an approach to understanding why and how people actively seek out specific media to satisfy specific needs. It assumes that audience members are not passive consumers of media.

How does technological progress affect unemployment?

Technological unemployment is considered to be part of a wider concept known as structural unemployment. When labour-saving machines are introduced into the productive process, a firm can get rid of workers and produce the same amount of goods than before. Therefore some workers can lose their job.

How are computers used in entertainment and recreation?

Computers are used to create the special effects used in television advertisements, the colorful displays on the score boards at sports arenas, and the cards that are displayed on the screen if we play a game of video poker.

How does recreation contribute to human happiness?

When we Continue doing a work or performing an activity regularly and continuously for some hours, it gives us physical and mental fatigue and strain. Recreational activity relieves us of the feeling of fatigue, restores our energy and promotes a sense of joy.

How does recreational activities affect the environment?

These produce environmental impacts associated with travel, accommodation and recreational activities. Typical impacts in parks and reserves include soil erosion and compaction, damage to vegetation, disturbance to wildlife, water pollution, increased fire frequency, vandalism and noise.

How technology and gadgets affect the studies of students?

Studies have shown that too much gadgets may negatively affect a child’s brain on its functioning, and may even cause attention deficit, cognitive delays, impaired learning, increased impulsivity, and decreased ability to self-regulation.

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How does Recreation affects your life as a student?

Recreational activities help manage stress. It provides a chance to nurture oneself and provides a sense of balance and self-esteem, which can directly reduce anxiety and depression. Recreational activities help create a balance between academic pressures with physical and mental well-being.

What are the effects of modern technology on society and human behavior?

Social media and mobile devices may lead to psychological and physical issues, such as eyestrain and difficulty focusing on important tasks. They may also contribute to more serious health conditions, such as depression. The overuse of technology may have a more significant impact on developing children and teenagers.

What new technology helped to bring about the Industrial Revolution?

New technologies that triggered the Industrial Revolution included the new steam engine (James Watt), construction of machines and improved textile technology. Improvement in the transportation system was also a trigger.

What new technology was important to the Industrial Revolution sociology quizlet?

The steam engine was the most important technological innovation because the steam engine was improved so that it was able to drive machinery and could spin and weave cotton. Because steam engine was powered by coal factories didn’t have to be next to a river anymore but could be anywhere.

What technology development is most associated with the information revolution?

The information revolution was enabled by advances in semiconductor technology, particularly the metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) and the integrated circuit (IC) chip, leading to the Information Age in the early 21st century.


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