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WebhostingHow do you use Whova as a speaker?

How do you use Whova as a speaker?

If you choose to join in Whova, your organizer will be notified to promote you as a panelist, and you can start presenting inside the Whova app without opening the Zoom app. If you need to use slides or a pre-recorded video, open the slides/video, click “Share Screen”, and select the slides/video you want to share.

How do I access Whova on my computer?

Whova Web App When you download Whova, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to access Whova from your laptop or desktop computer. Simply click the button to go to the web version on your computer. You will use the same login username and password as the mobile app.

Does Whova use zoom?

Whova has tightly integrated with Zoom to provide a great set of virtual conference features to allow your attendees to participate in online sessions with live Q&A, discussion, virtual meet-ups, etc.

Is Whova a free app?

The Whova event app is free for event attendees to download and use from the App Store or Google Play. However, event organizers pay for the services.

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How do I upload a poster to Whova?

In the ‘Upload Document’ section of your virtual poster exhibit, add a title and upload the PDF. Please make sure that the file name for your poster that you are uploading into Whova is named something unique (e.g., Poster – First initial. Last name.

Does Whova use your camera?

Our request is that everyone participate with their cameras on in the breakout sessions to re-create the “in-person” experience and make the sessions as engaging as possible.

What is Whova com?

Whova is an all-in-one event management solution that makes events modern and trendy, attracts and engages attendees effectively, and helps event organizers save time when managing event logistics. Event sponsors/exhibitors use the Whova to better expose their brand names and generate more leads.

Does Whova have breakout rooms?

Create breakout rooms directly within a session Moving from the main sessions to breakout rooms and back is easy; attendees can change rooms without so much as having to open a new window. Instead, breakout rooms and the main session stays in the same embedded window in the main Whova session.

Does Whova have an API?

Connect Whova to Your Ticketing System in Just 2 Clicks! Open the Whova dashboard and choose the registration system from the list provided. Enter the login account of their registration system (or API key provided by their registration software).

Is Whova app safe?

Data Encryption. Whova uses strong encryption to make sure all data is protected. All data in transit is encrypted with the strongest industry-standard cryptographic protocol SSL so all connections between networks and servers are secure.

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How much does Whova cost?

The Whova registration fee is just 2% with a $0.99 per-ticket fee, much lower than Eventbrite (3.5% with a $1.59 per ticket) and Cvent (there is even a high set up fee). And, Whova’s fee is capped at $75 (vs. no cap with Eventbrite), becoming a budget-friendly solution for event planners under cost pressure.

How does Whova app work?

Whova is not just a mobile app. We provide pre-event services for event registration and customization email marketing to attract more RSVPs for events, and build the Whova app to help organizers to connect with their attendees, and also facilitate attendee networking during the event after the events.

Can I download Whova on my computer?

Is there any way to help them use the Whova services? Absolutely. Users who do not have an iPhone or an Android can use a Web App on their tablet, laptop, or desktop. The Web App has almost the same comprehensive features as the Mobile App.

Is Whova easy to use?

The app makes it extremely easy for all users to effectively use social media. If you’d like to share your thoughts with others outside the event, but don’t have a Twitter account, you can use the Twitter tool within the Whova app.

How do you earn points on Whova?

By adding surveys, live polls, and post-session feedback as points to gain on Whova’s popular Leaderboard, your attendees will take them as a fun game and be more motivated to participate. You can also easily promote your survey, live polls and session feedback with various new features and real-time analytics.

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