How do you get the Celestial Weapons in FFX?

To obtain it, the player must go to Remiem Temple and race the champion chocobo there. Winning obtains the Cloudy Mirror. To transform it into the Celestial Mirror, the player must go to the Macalania Woods where a woman at the entrance cannot find her husband. He is found two areas to the right and one area up.

Why do Celestial Weapons have no AP?

No AP Ability Information No AP is a weapon Auto-Ability for the game Final Fantasy X. Its effect causes the character to not gain any AP. This ability cannot be customized to any equipment and only exists in the weakend version of the Celestial Weapons.

How do you send Belgemine?

Belgemine is sent by Yuna. Should Tidus rent and ride a chocobo, the party can travel to Remiem Temple via the chocobo feather in the Calm Lands where Belgemine reveals she is unsent.

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How do you get 0 seconds in chocobo race?

To get 0:0.0 the player must get 12 balloons and hit no birds. A more likely winning scenario is to finish in ~37-38 seconds, getting 14 balloons and allow one hit from the last pair of birds. The balloons are placed randomly, but the bird strikes happen in set places and they always aim for the same target.

How do you get Yuna’s celestial weapon?

Yuna’s Celestial Weapon: Nirvana To acquire Yuna’s ultimate weapon you’ll need to capture all nine types of fiends found in the Calm Lands. Once you’ve collected alll nine of the creatures on offer, go and talk to the Monster Area owner. He’ll produce a treasure chest containing the Nirvana, Yuna’s Celestial Weapon.

How do aeons level up?

Aeons’ stats rise naturally with Yuna’s, but also with the number of battles the party takes part in (including boss battles, and battles the party runs away from).

Can you not send Belgemine?

Accepted Answer. To answer your question more directly, nothing will happen if you do not send Belgemine. No impact other than Yuna’s Celestial Weapon power up will not be available.

How do you get dark anima?

Dark Anima is an optional boss in the International, PAL, and HD Remaster versions of Final Fantasy X. Available after viewing the campfire scene at Zanarkand Ruins, and then completing Wakka’s ball trial on Mt. Gagazet once more, Dark Anima will appear at the entrance to the mountain.

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Where is auto-Life FFX?

In the Standard Sphere Grid, Full-Life is in Rikku’s section, and in the Expert Sphere Grid, Auto-Life is in her section.

What is Gillionaire FFX?

Gillionaire Basic Information Gillionaire is a weapon Auto-Ability for the game Final Fantasy X. Its effect doubles amount of gil earned. It can be customized to a weapon by using 30 Designer Wallet.

How do you upgrade rikku Celestial Weapon?

After obtaining the Celestial Mirror, the Mercury Crest, the Mercury Sigil, and Godhand, you can finally upgrade Rikku’s Celestial Weapon. Head back to the giant crystal in Macalania Woods and present both the Mercury Crest and the Mercury Sigil to it.

Where can I get Chocobo wings FFX?

Chocobo Wings can be obtained quickest by bribing Machea for 450,000 gil for approximately 60 Chocobo Wings. Though this is pricey, it will bring a player close to the 80 needed to customize the ability to armor, making it time-efficient.

How do I get back to Macalania Woods?

Macalania Woods You can either walk there or use the Airship to travel to Lake Macalania and then backtrack from there. Use the Save Sphere at Remiem Temple to board the Airship and then warp down to Lake Macalania as this is the quickest route.

How do I upgrade my cloudy mirror?

Finally, walk up the mysterious, glowing path near the save sphere and go north when you come to an intersection. Keep walking until you see a boy standing in front of a giant, spherical crystal. Talk to him, then use the Cloudy Mirror on the crystal, which will upgrade it into the Celestial Mirror.

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How do you beat Yunalesca easy?

Use a Holy Water or a Remedy only on Yuna and have her use Dispel when Yunalesca casts Regen on your Zombies. Since you can’t heal a Zombie, you’ll have to just revive when they eventually die.

How do I get auto protect FFX?

Auto-Protect is a Mascot ability that requires 80 AP to master and requires Auto-Shell to be mastered to appear. It can also be accessed via equipping a Shining Bracer or by passing through the red gate on the Helios Guard Garment Grid.

Who is the strongest Aeon in FFX?

Anima is arguably the strongest aeon as her attacks and Overdrive deal nearly 99,999 damage upon receiving her (if the player has been improving Yuna stats). In raw numbers, only Sandy (one of the Magus Sisters) is stronger than Anima.

Can you upgrade aeons FFX?

Aeon’s Soul is a Key Item obtained from Belgemine. It allows the player to use Spheres to permanently increase an Aeons stats.

What does Aeon soul do?

Aeon Soul is a pair of exotic Warlock gauntlets. It can be dismantled to generate Glimmer, Gunsmith Materials, and Legendary Shards.

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