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Frequently Asked QuestionsHow do you get the Brother's Roast shrine quest?

How do you get the Brother’s Roast shrine quest?

To begin this shrine quest, speak to Bladon in Goron City. Blandon is in a hut on the west side of Goron City, just over a small bridge next to the Protein Palace. Bladon asks you to find Gonguron, his brother, who went missing looking for the secret of the hero.

How do I get to the gorko tunnel?

Gorko Tunnel is an underground passage located in the northeastern end of the gorge between Gortram Cliff and Gorko Lake, in Eldin Canyon. The Tunnel is said to conceal the “secret of the hero.” Gonguron, the brother of Bladon, can be found inside the Tunnel excavating it to uncover its secret.

How do you get to the shrine in Goron City?

The Shae Mo’sah Shrine is located on a cliff in the northern part of Goron City in the Eldin Canyon, along the path to the Abandoned North Mine. The Ancient Shrine can be reached by taking the upward path from Bludo’s house. As Link enters the Shrine, he is greeted by its Monk, Shae Mo’sah.

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How do I get to Torr shrine from Gorae?

Where to find Gorae Torr. Gorae Torr can be found on top of the steep Gut Check Rock at the far northern part of the Eldin region. The easiest way to get this is to first unlock the Divine Beast for the Death Mountain region, fast travel to the top of the mountain, and glide over.

What is the secret of the hero Botw?

The Roast gives Gonguron enough energy to finish excavating the Tunnel, and it is revealed that the hero’s secret is actually the Kayra Mah Shrine.

How many shrine quests are there in Botw?

A Shrine Quest is a type of quest in Breath of the Wild. In total, there are 42 quests. Each one enables access to a Shrine of Trials, many of which are “Blessing” Shrines which do not have a further challenge to earn the Spirit Orb. No shrines accessed by a Shrine Quest are required to fight Calamity Ganon.

How many shrines are on Botw?

We’re here to help. The shrine maps below show the shrine locations of all 120 shrines across the world of Breath of the Wild — plus those added with The Champions’ Ballad DLC, which appear in green on each map.

How do you free a miner on Botw?

Put a round remote bomb in the canon, and hit the switch with your weapon. As the canon moves, detonate the bomb when the canon is pointed at the rock pile on the other platform. (It’s about halfway through the cannon’s movement.) Then paraglide back and talk to Yunobo.

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Where is the shrine Goron City map?

The Goron City shrine is located to the northeast of Goron City along the pathway you travel to rescue Yunobo (during the Divine Beast Vah Rudania quest). Once you reach the Shae Mo’sah Shrine, activate it and head inside.

Where is the shrine in Eldin Canyon?

If you’re struggling to find the skeleton, it’s west of East Deplian Badlands in the Eldin Mountains, on the large plateau west of Eldin’s Flank. The Spring of Power is east of Death Mountain, to the west of Akkala Stable. Drop the scale into the water to reveal the shrine and complete The Spring of Power shrine quest.

What do you get for the Super Gut Check Challenge?

To participate in the Mini-Game Super Gut Check Challenge, you need to finish the Shrine Quest “Gut Check Challenge.” By completing the Mini-Game, you not only get to keep the accumulated 300 rupees but also receive an additional Endura Shroom.

Can you eat rock roast?

Interestingly, despite being essentially cooked rock, it appears to have a somewhat meat like texture which Gorons can chew due to their teeth being adapted to chewing hard rocks. It is considered by Gorons to be a delicious meal.

Are there Gorons in Skyward Sword?

Only three Gorons are in Skyward Sword and they hold the appearance of the traveling merchant variety from The Wind Waker. Their names are Gorko, Golo, and Gortram. Gorko and Golo research ancient legends and Gortram runs the Rickety Coaster mini-game.

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How do you make a rock roast Botw?

In order to bring a Rock Roast uphill to Gorko Tunnel, Link must evade a series of Boulders, Fire Chuchus, and Moblins. Upon retrieving a Rock Roast for Bladon, the Goron will Cook it using the nearby Cooking Pot, making a Deliciously Grilled Rock Roast.

How do you get rid of red rocks?

Any bright red rocks in this area can be shot and destroyed with the cannon. Some have loot underneath them, while the main one atop the hill is your objective.

Where can I find black Moblins?

Black Moblin are most commonly found in some of the outer regions of Hyrule, including the Hebra, Eldin, and Gerudo Highlands regions. They are also fairly abundant within Hyrule Castle.

Where is the Dagah KEEK shrine?

Your destination is the platform in the pool at the base of the Veiled Falls waterfall. When you’re hovering above it, attack and drive the ceremonial spear into the water and onto the platform. Doing that will reveal Dagah Keek shrine.


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