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TechnologyHow did the building of the railroads affect people's ability to travel...

How did the building of the railroads affect people’s ability to travel apex?

Trains and railroads dramatically changed life in America. They allowed for faster, safer travel all over the country. They were more reliable than wagon trains, as these trains could bog down in the country’s terribly maintained roads. … Railroads allowed people to send goods independently of rivers and canals.

How did railroads destroy traditional relationships humans had with nature?

They destroyed our relationship with nature. Nature was literally annihilated, as when tunnels were cut through hills and depressions were graded to make the railroad as straight as possible.

What improvements did railroads help create?

It made travel to the West easier for emigrants whose only options before were wagon trails. Railroads often owned the right-of-way along the tracks, thus facilitating the sale of land to potential homeowners. Railroads also made it easier to get mail and consumer goods to people who had moved West.

How did trains change the world kids?

Trains changed the way people lived. They could get fresh food that was grown far away. They could work in the city and live in the country. Today, trains are fueled by electricity or diesel fuel.

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What did railways do to alter the way human beings understand time and distance?

Along with the shrinking of transport time, which appeared to shrink distances between two destinations, areas that were previously difficult to access were opened up with the railway. People could travel further to new destinations that before would have taken days, even weeks, to access.

How did railroads impact the Industrial Revolution?

Railways had a major impact on farming, as perishable goods such as dairy products could now be moved long distances before they were inedible. The standard of living rose as a result. New companies formed to both run railways and take advantage of the possibilities, and a major new employer was created.

How did the railroads affect US economically?

Railroad expansion affected the US economy by creating jobs, establishing a national market, establishing a cattle industry on the Plains, and allowing certain people to acquire great wealth through investing in the railroad.

What impact did railroads have on towns and population growth?

Railroads helped cities grow by providing the greatest number of jobs. Railroads helped cities grow by transporting goods and raw materials. Railroads led to the decline of cities by taking workers away from factories. Railroads led to the decline of cities by moving settlers to rural areas.

What did railroads help?

It made commerce possible on a vast scale. In addition to transporting western food crops and raw materials to East Coast markets and manufactured goods from East Coast cities to the West Coast, the railroad also facilitated international trade.

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How did trains change history?

They started out allowing faster travel in the East and the South, but when they made that big jump across the continent, linking the two coasts, they became more important even than railroads were to Europe. They really created a United States that stretches from sea to sea.


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