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Frequently Asked QuestionsHow can you tell if a Ty Beanie Baby is rare?

How can you tell if a Ty Beanie Baby is rare?

Each beanie baby also had a sewn-in white “tush tag” on its backside. To keep small children from swallowing the tags, the beanie babies’ maker asked owners to remove the tags. So, if you find a first-generation beanie baby with tags, that’s quite a rare beanie.

Are McDonalds Beanie Babies worth anything?

McDonald’s International Bears // Value: $10,000 Collectors helped make Teenie Babies one of the chain’s most popular Happy Meal promotions in history up to that point, but like the full-sized Beanie Babies, most of the toys are worth nothing today.

How do I know if my Beanie Baby is worth money?

The fair price on a Beanie in excellent condition would be about 65% to 75% of the mint price. Very Good – The tags are very worn, torn, or missing completely, but the character is still in perfect condition. You can expect to price this at about 40% to 60% of the mint price.

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How can you tell if a Beanie Baby is first edition?

To ensure you’ve got a first edition, you need to look at the hang tag. 1st edition tags do not open like a book. The tag should also have the year 1993 or 1994 on the back. The originals got made in China or Korea.

Are Beanie Babies worth anything without the Ty tag?

Because as we collectors know, a Ty without a tag isn’t worth squat. Well, your collection of Ty Beanie Babies may not afford you a small fortune (even with the tags) but a few select BBs might just go for a pretty penny.

Do they still sell Beanie Babies?

Only the official Ty.com store allows you to shop the newest, fullest Ty Beanie Babies collection available.

Are PE pellets the same as PVC pellets?

PE Pellets vs. PE refers to polyethylene. PVC refers to polyvinylchloride. PE pellets are non-toxic. PVC is a known carcinogen.

How do I know what Pellets my Beanie Baby is?

Another thing to keep in mind is whether the Beanie Baby is filled with PE or PVC pellets, which you can find out by looking at the tush tag. According to Verderame, some Beanie Babies with PE pellets are worth less than the ones with PVC pellets.

Are Beanie Babies non toxic?

BEANIE BABIES GOES NON-TOXIC. As a result of discussions between TY, the manufacturer of Beanie Babies, and Greenpeace USA, regarding the toxicity of PVC (short for PolyVinyl Chloride), TY has decided to use polyethylene pellets in all of its stuffed animals.

What is the Princess Diana Beanie Baby worth?

That’s not to say that they never sell for big money—Princess Diana Beanie Babies have occasionally been confirmed to fetch $1,000 or even $10,000.

What makes Claude the crab rare?

Beanie Babies “Claude” This cute and colorful crustacean is selling for shockingly high prices online due to unusual errors on its tags and other variations. An ® above the ™ on its tush tag, and a space before an exclamation point on the swing tag, are often what make this beanie unique.

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What is the error on Britannia Beanie Baby?

FIRST ERROR: The year on the tush tag is 1993, yet the birth year on the box is 1997. SECOND ERROR: The spelling of Oakbrook on the tush tag is changed to Oak Brook on the box.

Do Beanie Babies really sell for thousands?

But while the majority of Beanie Babies sold decades ago aren’t worth much money today, a select few are worth a small fortune. According to Dr. Lori Verderame, an antiques appraiser with an expertise in Beanie Babies who spoke with us for this article, some Beanie Babies sell for thousands of dollars.

Should I throw away my Beanie Babies?

If you’re not into crafting or really don’t want to mess with them, just give them away. Please be sure to only give the new, unused Beanies to these programs unless they agree to accept others. State Highway Patrol Most state highway patrols have a Teddy Bear program, and the Bear Beanie Babies would be welcome.

Can Beanie Babies be donated?

Charities such as the Salvation Army and Goodwill likely will sell the Beanie Babies and use the money for other charitable causes. If the Beanie Babies have never been used and still have the tags on them, hold onto them until the holiday season, at which point you may donate them to Toys for Tots.

Do hospitals take Beanie Babies?

Do you have a collection of Beanie Babies, or small plush toys like Webkinz or Burt’s Bears, and are wondering what to do with them? Send them to us and we will put them in ALL of the care packages we send to deployed Troops!

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Are PE pellets toxic?

Is PE Toxic? In solid form, no. Polyethylene is often used in food handling. It could be toxic if inhaled and/or absorbed into the skin or eyes as a vapor or liquid (i.e., during manufacturing processes).

Who invented Beanie Babies?

Ty Warner is the creator of Beanie Babies, the plush toy fad of the 1990s. Warner used the profits from selling Beanie Babies to assemble a high-end hotel portfolio, including the Four Seasons in New York. His Ty Inc. still sells a related Beanie Baby toy called a Beanie Boo around the world.

What does Ty stand for with Beanie Babies?

BY Michele Debczak. January 20, 2022. Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images. Whether they ripped them off or preserved them under plastic, everyone who was a fan of Beanie Babies in the 1990s recognizes the toys’ tags.

What are the errors on Maple the Bear?

Maple the Bear (rare) retired Teenie Beanie Baby with TAG ERRORS and date errors. Tush tag errors – the box states that his birthday is July 1st 1996 but his tag says “1993” and he was made in Oak Brook, Illinois, but his tag reads “OakBrook” (without the space).

Will Beanie Babies ever make a comeback?

Toy appraisers predict Beanies will never make a comeback, since the 1990s children—millennials—aren’t collecting like generations before them. “Sometimes these things that sound like a great idea just don’t pan out,” said Mr.

How do you play with Beanie Babies?

Jump. While holding onto the beanie baby, prompt children to jump in place with both feet together. Then, safely jump forward/backward and side to side. Lastly, challenge children to jump as far as they can, one time, using a two footed take off and landing.


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