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TechnologyGoogle’s neat iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets are now available

Google’s neat iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets are now available

The useful iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets from Google are now available, giving iPhone users quick access to Google Search, Maps, Chrome, and information snippets from other apps. Additionally, these widgets are available for Google Drive, Gmail, and Google News, and they have begun to appear in the most recent iOS 16 app releases.

On their iOS 16 iPhone’s lock screen, users will also be able to customise the font and colour of the time and date display.

The new Gmail widget is available in inline, rectangular, and all three sizes. According to rumours, the first two are intended to be positioned below the clock on the lock screen, while the inline widget appears above as a line of text.

The Release of the iOS 16 Lockscreen Widgets by Google

The Google News widget adds a rectangle widget with condensed headlines to the lock screen.

When you pick up your phone, the first thing you see is your lock screen, and many Google apps will soon include lock screen widgets. With just one tap, you can unlock your device and receive some updates right on your lock screen, in addition to accessing your favourite Google features.

Thanks to the most recent round of app updates, Google users can now install lock screen widgets for well-known apps like Gmail and Google News. The two most requested widget releases, Search and Maps, are still not available. And for some reason, despite the fact that having quick access to your daily schedule is one of the greatest use cases for iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets, Google has yet to announce its intentions to release a Google Calendar widget.

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Users can find restaurants, shops, and other favorite nearby spots by tapping the Maps Search widget.

Users will receive real-time traffic information and projected journey times to locations like home and work right on their lock screen with the Maps Frequent Trips widget. By tapping the Maps Search widget, they may also find their favourite nearby eateries, stores, and other destinations.

Short headlines are presented on the Lock Screen as a rectangle widget by the recently added Google News widget. If you tap it, you’ll be transported straight to the Google News mobile app where you can read the entire article. This one may be a little challenging to read for people with impaired vision because it might try to fit up to four lines of text into the little space available.


Can you get Google widgets on iPhone?

Widgetize your home screen with the Google app.

On your iPhone or iPad, tap and hold the home screen to add the Google app widget. Tap “Add” in the top left corner.

Are there Lock Screen widgets for iPhone?

You may customise the backdrop, modify the fonts and colours, and add new widgets to the new iPhone lock screen so that they remain on the screen even when the phone is locked. Below the time display, there are round and square widgets, and a bar-shaped inline widget is shown above the clock.

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