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TechnologyGoogle spent $4.6 million on Pixel 4 radio ads that the FTC...

Google spent $4.6 million on Pixel 4 radio ads that the FTC has deemed deceptive

Radio ads for the Google Pixel 4 cost a cool $4.6 million, and the company asked on-air hosts to promote their flagship smartphone even if they had never touched it.

However, this time, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) deems Google’s testimonial-like Pixel 4 commercial to be “deceptive.”
NEW YORK, 15 OCTOBER 2019: On October 15, 2019, in New York City, Google Vice President of Product Management Sabrina Ellis unveiled the new Google Pixel 4 smartphone.

Google Paid Various Hosts to Promote Pixel 4 Even If They Never Used It

the FTC  disclosed that Google and iHeartMedia paid influencers millions of dollars to promote the Pixel phone even though they had not yet received one.
These businesses “paid influencers to promote things they had never tried,” according to the FTC. The Commission further claims that “fabricated testimonials by radio personalities” were used in the Google Pixel 4 radio advertisements.

The radio ad’s script is now available, and it unmistakably reads like a testimonial from a long-time user of a mobile device.

The advertisement reads, “Is there anything else I enjoy more than getting the ideal shot?” capturing the ideal image at night. Both are simple to use with the Google Pixel 4.

It invites radio broadcasters to say: “It’s my favourite phone camera out there, especially in low light, due to Night Sight Mode.” to make it seem like a genuine endorsement.

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“Everything, including my son’s football game, a meteor shower, and a rare spotted owl that landed in my backyard, has been the subject of my studio-like photography.” Is that right? “Pictures or nothing happened.”

Google Spent Millions for These Pixel 4 ‘Testimonial’ Ads

The FTC disclosed that Google paid iHeart Radio a stunning $2.6 million to produce these testimonial-like advertisements, according to a news article by The Verge. In addition, the well-known tech company shelled out about $2 million to advertise the Pixel 4 on eleven additional radio stations.
NY NEW YORK, 15 OCTOBER 2019: On October 15, 2019, in New York City, the latest Google Pixel 4 smartphone is on display at a launch event for the company.
According to the report, the phone manufacturer paid these radio personalities a total of about $4.6 million.

Google, iHeartMedia Settles with the FTC

In order to resolve claims of misleading advertising, Google and iHeartMedia have chosen to reach a settlement with the FTC and seven state prosecutors.
Both businesses have agreed to give the states they have settled with $9.4 million.

That’s not all, though. The FTC is currently attempting to “prevent Google from falsely claiming that an endorser has owned, used, or described their experience with specific products.”

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