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GamingHow to Enable Google Snake Dark Mode Update in 2022

How to Enable Google Snake Dark Mode Update in 2022

By switching to dark mode, you may use your phone more comfortably in low light without straining your eyes. One of the well-liked Google Doodle games that many people enjoy playing to pass the time is Google Snake.

In this straightforward game, the snake lengthens and accelerates as it consumes various dots. A low-light environment could make it uncomfortable to play this game. Here is some good news for you if it applies to you. With Google Snake’s dark mode, playing under dim lighting is made more enjoyable. However, it is difficult to activate with a single tap.

Brief Google Snake Game Review

One of the most played mobile games online is the Google Snake game. One of the most well-known Google doodle games is the mobile game.

It entails commanding a snake to consume vibrant dots. The wonderful thing about this specific mobile game is that the more dots the snake eats, the longer it gets and the more challenging and time-consuming the game appears to be. Players control a snake to eat every dot in its path.

Amazing elements in the Google Snake game make it entertaining for players of all ages, young and old.

For instance, in the game, power-ups assist the snake get longer, whilst the dark mode function helps keep players’ eyes from getting tired. and also makes playing more enjoyable.

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How to Get Dark Mode On Google Snake

1. First, launch your computer’s Google Chrome web browser.
2. Enter “Google Snake game” in the search box and look it up.
3. Choose the Google Snake game from the search results by clicking on the “Play” button on your screen.

4. Click the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the browser window.
5. Choose the More Tools option from the drop-down menu.

6. After that, choose Developer Tools.
Note: Pressing + + on your keyboard will open the Developer Console window.

7. Click the Console tab, then click on the window.

In the appropriate box, use a snake. dark()
8. At last, a dark background will cover the Google Snake window.

Google Snake Mods Github

A mod for the game Google Snake is the Google Snake Mod Menu. It lets you change things about the game, like how big the snake is, how fast it moves, and what kinds of food it can eat.

The “Options” button in the game’s main menu can be used to enter the menu. You can then choose “Mods” from the list of available choices.

You will be directed to a panel where you can enable or disable various mods after choosing “Mods.” The “Github” area is where you’ll find the Google Snake Mod Menu.

Simply download the mod from GitHub and save it to your “Bookmarks” folder to install it. Once it’s in your bookmarks folder, you can turn it on in-game by choosing it from the Mods menu.

Downloading Google Snake Modded Dark Mode

Downloading the Mod Menu file for Google Snake requires a few steps. You must first go to the GitHub website. Once you’ve found the website, click the link to download the file and open it on your computer.

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The file must then be opened and extracted to a folder on your computer. Once the file has been unpacked, you ought to see a brand-new folder there called “Mod Menu.”

Now click “Load Mod” on the Google Snake game. You’ll get a dialogue asking you to find the Mod Menu folder. Select the “Mod Menu” folder by going to the spot where you extracted the files. The Mod Menu will now load in the game.

You can use all of the functionality provided by the Mod Menu now that it has loaded. Enjoy!

  • To download the Google Snake mod file, go to GitHub.
  • To begin downloading the Google Snake hack, click the link.
  • Download the ModMenu.html file next from that location.
  • The Google Snake game is to be modified using this file.

Import Hack to Chrome

Add it to your bookmarks in order to import the MOD file into Chrome. This will enable you to instantly run the mod file on Chrome whenever you want.

To add the file to your bookmarks, follow these instructions:

  • Launch Chrome.
  • Select the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Navigate to Bookmarks.
  • Launch Bookmark Manager. (Chrome users may also hit Ctrl + Shift + O at this point.) Click the three dots in the upper right corner of the page. (*Note: This time, you must click on the three dots located on the webpage, below the Chrome address bar.)
  • Select Import Bookmarks.
  • Locate and pick the ModMenu.html file.
  • To import the file, click Open.

Steps Of Use Google Snake Game Menu Mod

  • Launch Chrome.
  • Search for the Google Snake Game and press the Play button.
  • When the game begins to play, return to the three dots of the URL address bar in the upper right corner.
  • Navigate to Bookmarks > Imported > ModMenu.
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Your mod file is now active in the game, and you have access to additional food items and settings in the Google Snake Menu. Simply click the Settings button (Cogwheel) on the opening game screen to enjoy some tweaked content.


The Google Snake Game is an enjoyable game that may be played during downtime to pass the time and beat boredom. It has been around for a while and is a game for people of all ages, young and old.

The majority of people have stories to share about their gaming experiences, and it has always been noted that the games are exciting and fun. The game is made more enjoyable by its dark mode feature.


Is there a dark mode on Google?

Yes. On Google, you may activate the dark mode by clicking Settings > Appearance > Dark Theme Save.

How do I get rid of Google Snake?

Press to pause the Snake game so you can take a break.

How can I enable the dark mode on Google Maps?

Tap your profile icon, then Settings, Theme, select Always in Dark Theme, and then hit Save to enable the dark mode on Google Maps.

What variations of Google Snake are there?

Blender Mode, Fast More, Classic Mode, Fruit Ninja Mode, and other intriguing modes are just a few of Google Snake’s many appealing features.

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