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TechnologyGoogle Search gets slew of new latest features, more focus on visuals

Google Search gets slew of new latest features, more focus on visuals

Google’s “Search On” event, where the company unveiled a number of new features for Google Search, has now come to an end.

In order to create search experiences that function more like our minds—that are as multidimensional as people—we are moving well beyond the search box. You’ll be able to locate exactly what you’re looking for as we move into this new era of search by fusing together images, sounds, text, and speech. According to Google SVP of Search Prabhakar Raghavan, “We call this making search more natural and intuitive.”

New Features for Google Search

First off, Google is bringing the multi-search function, which it first debuted in a test in April of this year, to English globally. Over the course of the next several months, it will also roll out to 70 additional languages. By fusing text and visuals, the multi-search capability allowed users to look up many items at once. The function is also compatible with Google Lens. Google claims that customers use its Lens feature to search for what they see nearly eight billion times a month.

“This is made feasible by in-depth knowledge of the product inventories and geographic locations.” Multi-search and Lens are informed by the millions of photographs and reviews on the web,” Raghavan said.

New Translation Features

Google is enhancing the way translations appear over images. The company claims over 1 billion times per month, consumers use Google to translate text on photos into more than 100 different languages.

The new capability will allow Google to “blend translated text into complicated visuals, so it looks and feels much more natural,” making the translated text appear more seamless and like it belongs with the original image rather than standing out. To guarantee this experience, Google says it is utilizing “generative adversarial networks” (also known as GAN models) “which helps fuel the technology powering Magic Eraser on Pixel.” Later this year, this feature will become available.

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Additionally, it is updating its iOS app so that users can now access shortcuts directly beneath the search box. Users will be able to utilize their screenshots to shop, translate any text using the camera, search for music, and more thanks to this.

When looking for food, this might be a particular dish or item in a restaurant. Images of the questioned food will be among the most visually appealing results that Google will provide. Additionally, it broadens “the coverage of digital menus, enhancing their visual quality and dependability.”

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