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TechnologyGoogle One VPN is coming to Windows PCs and Mac

Google One VPN is coming to Windows PCs and Mac

As part of its Google One subscription service, Google now makes its Virtual Private Network (VPN) service accessible to customers on the Mac and Windows platforms for all browsing requirements. The “Premium” plan, which comes with 2 TB of disc storage, is the top-tier subscription that gives access to the renowned Google VPN service.

Additionally, the new service provides a desktop application for Apple and Microsoft operating systems that enables VPN use on any browser, not only Google Chrome.

Google One VPN is currently available for both Windows and Mac computers

In a recent update, Google One added support for its upcoming VPN service for the Mac and Windows platforms to its top-tier plan, the “Premium,” as well as other new features.  the Premium plan’s renowned VPN functionality, which is accessible for desktop browsers and more, is now included for Mac and Windows users.
Since the Google One VPN service is not limited to Google Chrome as an extension, it will also function with other computer programmes that a user may have installed.

Users can alter the settings and use them for their various needs for a private network on their internet access through a dedicated app for Google’s VPN service.

Google One: Price, Inclusions, and MORE

The VPN app is available to Google One Premium plan customers for $9.99 per month or $99.99 for an annual discounted plan.

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It comes with a sizable 2 TB of Google Drive that can be used for all cloud storage requirements and shared across devices, as well as the ability to share the service with an additional five Google account holders. As part of the membership, it also provides the Google Workspace premium.

Google Subscription Service

In order to provide a subscription service for everyone that centres around the company’s cloud storage platform, Google Drive, Google One was founded in 2018. Similar to other storage subscription services like iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive, and others, Google’s offerings have been updated to provide new experiences for all users.

With the Google Suite for its cloud-based office services like Docs, Sheets, Photos, Drive, and others, the internet corporation focused on its strengths and offerings.

As opposed to their earlier offers of a one-time payment for their products, paid subscriptions are now the way for businesses to assure that they get paid consistently for their services.

One of Google’s first VPN services is focused on Android; it launched in late 2020 and added iOS support in February 2022 for Apple users.
Users of the Mac and Windows platforms may now use the newest addition to its VPN service through a dedicated app that is compatible with a variety of browsers and computer programs. Along with access to a sizable disc and better deals for Google’s suite of products, Google One delivers more of what customers need in a VPN.

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