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TechnologyGoogle Meet is getting this ‘much-awaited’ feature this month

Google Meet is getting this ‘much-awaited’ feature this month

After several months of announcements from the search engine giant, Google Meet’s in-meeting emoji reaction functionality will finally be available to users in January.

The IT giant announced that it will be attending Google Meet on a variety of platforms, including the web and iOS.

You will therefore have to wait a little longer than iPhone users if you use an Android device. Google-powered mobile devices appear to be falling behind.

Google Meet In-Meeting Emoji Reactions

The tech juggernaut said last year that Google Meet is introducing a new feature that lets users respond to sessions with emojis.

The innovation adds a new option that allows meeting participants to send an emoji during a video conference, according to a report by The Verge. The option functions in a manner that is comparable to Facebook’s post-emoji reactions, or even better, what Zoom provides.

Thumbs-up, hearts, launching, and clapping reactions are available as emojis. Additionally, it offers a thumbs-down response.

According to The Verge, it is undoubtedly a useful tool for both the host and other participants. The latter can express their emotions more freely, and speakers can get an audience response in real time with little disruption.

This feature has been requested by fans of emoji since April 2022. After all, Google claims to be introducing the ability for Chrome browser users to meet on the web.

However, 2022 has said goodbye to us and is still in the dark.

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According to Phone Arena, both Meet web users and iPhone users will soon be able to access the responses feature.Once it becomes available, Meet Hardware devices will also support the new capability.

Not Available to Android Users?

Because of this, Android devices are not supported by the in-meeting emoji reactions.

If you use Android, you might prefer to participate in Meet sessions online in the interim. Though the tech giant promises that the iPhone is “coming soon,” you are not required to purchase one right away.

So it appears that Google is attempting to fix it. But it’s not obvious why there was a delay.

When are Emoji Reactions Coming to Google Meet?

The well-known IT company declared that on Monday, January 16, Meet customers would finally get the eagerly anticipated function.

As a result, starting next week, users could finally start using emoji reactions during meetings.

However, Phone Arena points out in its report that hosts have the option to disable this capability. However, the new Google Meet feature is enabled by default.

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