TechnologyGoogle Chrome is making it easier to delete autofill data

Google Chrome is making it easier to delete autofill data

Because Google Chrome autofills stored email addresses, passwords, and credit card information, users may effortlessly log into their accounts or make online purchases.

But this time, it appears that a new function will shortly be added to the Google web browser. Users should be able to erase their autofill information with a single click.

Google Chrome Might Soon Make Deleting Autofill a Lot Easier

According to Fox News, Chrome has an autofill option that greatly simplifies life. As it automatically fills in any potential search terms, it makes online searches more effective.
Not to mention that it saves your login information for numerous websites, making it simple for you to access your accounts.

In essence, Chrome’s autofill feature aims to make it simpler for users to do searches or sign in to their accounts. It can also automatically enter your credit card information when you try to check out if you enjoy shopping online.
Yet occasionally, these autofill suggestions can be a little awkward when they suggest earlier searches you’ve already made. Also, erasing them involves a few steps and is fairly difficult.

It appears that Google is currently fixing the issue with that. The tech giant appears to be discreetly working on a new problem that would enable users to remove their autofill data with a simple click, according to a report by Android Police.

Leopeva64, a web browser expert, learned that Chrome for desktop is testing a new feature that allows users to remove their autofill history. With the new option, they can easily clear their autocomplete data, in contrast to the previous one.

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How to Delete Autofill History on Chrome

Today, there are a few procedures needed to remove the autofill history from Google Chrome.

Users must choose the “History option” from the menu in order to accomplish this. Click the “History” section once more from there. then click the “Advanced tab” and choose “Clear browsing data.” Choose “Autofill form data” from the menu. Last but not least, press the “Clear data” button.

How Chrome New Autofill Delete Feature Works

On the other hand, the brand-new autofill delete function that Google is allegedly developing for Chrome is fairly simple.
A new trash can icon is seen next to the autofill suggestion, according to Android Police. Customers can choose to delete the entry they want to delete.

It’s important to note that version 113.0.5626.0 now has the feature. Enter the following into the address bar to activate the flag feature: chrome:/flags/#autofill-show-autocomplete-delete-button. The browser should now be operating properly after being restarted.

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