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TechnologyGoogle AI Chatbot to Compete with ChatGPT for its Search Engine, but...

Google AI Chatbot to Compete with ChatGPT for its Search Engine, but Remains Secret to Avoid Flop

On the most recent Alphabet Q4 2022 earnings call, CEO Sundar Pichai said that Google is currently working on an AI chatbot system. The company’s search engine will work with this new chatbot to build an assistant for the future that will also compete with OpenAI’s renowned ChatGPT tool.

For now, Google is still the only one who can use the feature around the world. This is because Google is still working to improve it and get ready for when it becomes available to the general public.

Google AI Chatbot to Rival ChatGPT, For its Search Engine

On April 13, 2006, in London, England, a computer screen is shown with the logo and search page of the multifaceted online behemoth Google.
Alphabet recently wrapped up its investor conference call for the Q4 2022 report, which covered the entire year as well as the previous quarter’s performance. Along with the data and figures from the previous quarter, Google CEO Sundar Pichai also announced a brand-new initiative for the company’s search engine that would soon include an AI chatbot.
The public will be able to use the internet company’s AI breakthroughs “in the next weeks and months,” according to CNET.

One of Google’s main rivals, ChatGPT, has already attained enormous popularity among the general public, and many observers believe that this may spell the end for the corporation.

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Google’s AI Chatbot: What is the Name?

According to sources, this new AI chatbot will go by the name “Apprentice Bard.” This will soon be available to the general public through Google’s services, despite sounding like it belongs in a game of mediaeval fantasy. Apprentice Bard will specifically assist Google’s search engine with various user needs, such as answering inquiries or streamlining better results.

Google AI Projects

Google is not averse to developing artificial intelligence, and it currently has a number of projects in development that will soon be released to the public.

One of these is LaMDA, the company’s chatbot, which is already in beta and accessible via the AI Test Kitchen for anyone interested in participating in its initial activities.

Another AI application is called “Imagen Video,” and it enables users to make high-resolution films and receive commands via text prompts. Google said it could make videos with a resolution of 1280×768 and a maximum frame rate of 24 fps. It said it could do this by using diffusion models to help make the content based on what people wanted.

The pressure on ChatGPT’s projects grows as more people believe it has the potential to outsmart or perhaps surpass Google in the current technological landscape.

This doesn’t mean that Google is falling behind, though, because it is working on a number of AI features, one of which will soon be available through its search for all feature.

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