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GamingGoat Simulator 3 reveals its release date; will have a collector's edition

Goat Simulator 3 reveals its release date; will have a collector’s edition

The video game starring grumpy goats will debut this year.

One of the biggest surprises – and trolls – of Summer Game Fest 22 was the reveal of Goat Simulator 3, the sequel to the crazy goat “simulator” that took the whole world by surprise in that distant 2014. Luckily, this new installment, which is the second in the franchise despite what the name indicates, already has a release date.

This week, Coffee Stain Studios confirmed that this new video game will be available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC (via the Epic Games Store) starting on November 17, 2022.


It is worth noting that Goat Simulator 3 will have several versions. The Standard Edition will cost $29.99 USD and will only include the base game, while the Deluxe Edition will cost $39.99 USD and will be a much more robust package including the digital soundtrack and various customization items.

Next, we share all the content of the Deluxe Edition:

  • base game
  • digital soundtrack
  • Don Pastrami Masks
  • Space suit and helmet
  • Zero Goat Skin
  • Full Tank Armor
  • classic skin

Finally, Coffee Stain Studios revealed that the irreverent video game will have a special collector’s edition known as Goat in a Box. This cool bundle will include a physical copy of the game, a steel book, the soundtrack on disc, a reversible poster, postcards, an adorable plushie, and all the digital content from the Deluxe Edition. Unfortunately, the price was not revealed.


In a post on the official PlayStation Blog, members of the development studio finally addressed the question on all fans’ minds: why isn’t there Goat Simulator 2? Unfortunately, the creatives didn’t come up with an answer and instead regaled us with all sorts of funny comments.

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“It’s been so long since the original installment came out that Goat Simulator 2 as a title simply didn’t encapsulate all the advances in simulation technology that we’ve implemented,” joked Sebastian Zethraeus, the game’s producer. “There was a reason, but I forgot about it,” said Philip Bretschneider, a 3D artist.

But tell us, do you plan to give this title a shot? Let us read you in the comments.

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