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Genshin Impact 3.1: New Map, Rewards, Events & much more



Genshin Impact 3.1: New Map, Rewards, Events & much more

One of the well-known games that is better known for its frequent updates is Genshin Impact. The release of the substantial Version 3.0 Sumeru update is imminent. There was a tonne of new content in that release. Already working on yet another significant update is miHoYo. Genshin Impact Version 3.1’s “King Deshret and the Three Magi” update promises a lot of long-awaited improvements.

One of the biggest improvements adds a new desert region, more tales, and adventures for gamers to experience in Sumeru. As part of its anniversary celebration, the most recent 3.1 updates will include a lot of rewards, such as Primogems that can be used in any way.

In a livestream and trailer, miHoYo revealed everything that would be included in the Genshin Impact Version 3.1 upgrade. With the inclusion of deserts, three new characters, Fatui Harbinger’s backstory, potent new weapons, difficult new enemies, and numerous unique events, it appears to have a lot of potential. Here is all the information you require.

Expansion of the Sumeru desert map in Genshin Impact 3.1

When the Version 3.1 update goes live, players will be able to go through Sumeru’s arid regions. Sumeru was made with contrasts in mind by the people who made miHoYo. This is still true today, as Sumeru’s harsh, dry, and empty deserts stand in contrast to its lush, green, and busy jungles and woods.


Aaru Village will likewise be located in the desert region. It is the largest desert peoples’ colony, a haven for exiled academics, and a mine of knowledge. Sumeru’s Archon Quest will continue to be viewed as other factions, such as the two Fatui Harbingers, Il Dottore, and Scaramouche, arise.

New Characters

The native inhabitants of the Sumeru region, Nilou, Cyno, and Candace, will also be playable. More characters will be accessible with the forthcoming update, according to the developers. Nilou will be a five-star hydro playable character that combines swordsmanship with dance. Also participating in the battle as a five-star electropolearm user is General Mahamatra Cyno. A brand-new trading card game featuring him will be made public in the Genshin Impact 3.3 version.

The guardian of the Desertfolk and Aaru Village will be Candace, a half-blood descendant of King Deshret.


There will be four events in total thanks to the most recent Genshin Impact 3.1 release. A brand-new “Wind Chaser” competition will test competitors’ ability to control wind energy in a unique domain. The “Star-Sojourn” Seeker’s event, which will assist a young girl in achieving her dream of finding the future stars, will also be seen by players.

An “Of Ballads and Brews” event with rewards will be included in the new edition. Players will receive items for talent levelling, ascension materials, Primogems, and weapons like the Missive Windspear. The Hyakunin Ikki event is also returning thanks to Genshin Impact. Players in this competition must vanquish their opponents within the allotted time.


The game’s makers say that if the player finishes Floor 4, Chamber 3, they will get Spiral Abyss and the chance to recruit Collie for free.

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When Genshin 3. 1?

September 28, 2022

Date of Genshin Impact 3.1’s release

The release date of Genshin Impact Version 3.1 is September 28, 2022. Patch 3.0 has changed from being a six-week patch to a five-week patch.

How does the new event work Genshin?

Screenshot of Genshin Impact 3.1 | New Map, Events, Rewards, and More

When a new Genshin Impact character debuts in the game, the developers also create a web event where players may discover more about the newest characters through an online interactive narrative.

Will Genshin Impact get a bigger map?

Genshin Impact’s 3.0 update, which will reportedly increase the game’s map and introduce the new Dendro aspect, is currently anticipated by players. Players will be able to visit the new Sumeru region in Genshin Impact 3.0.

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