Home Entertainment Free Fire MAX Season 52 Elite Pass: Check all the rewards 2022

Free Fire MAX Season 52 Elite Pass: Check all the rewards 2022

Free Fire MAX Season 52 Elite Pass: Check all the rewards 2022

One of the most well-known games with a wide selection of cosmetics is Free Fire MAX. Garena has introduced the Season 52 Elite Pass for the month of September after the Free Fire MAX Season 51 Elite Pass came to an end. The pass offers several free bonuses.

One of the best and easiest ways for users to obtain free cosmetics is with the Free Fire MAX Elite Pass. To obtain badges, users only need to finish their daily objectives. They will be eligible to receive some cosmetic items for free once they have acquired a certain number of badges.

Free Fire Season 52 Elite Pass Bonuses

The perks for the forthcoming Elite Pass are listed below.

  • 0 Badges: Sports Car – Metal Jaws
  • 5 Badges – Avatar of the Ocean Beast
  • 10 Badges – Shark Fright Avatar
  • 15 Badges: Jaw Smile Jacket
  • 30 Badges: Death’s Tooth Banner
  • 40 badges: hungry fish shirt
  • 50 Badges: Megan Tuanter Pack
  • 80 Badges – Kar98k – Underwater Apex
  • 100 Badges: Fright Bite T-Shirt
  • 100 Badges- Ocean Runner Skyboard
  • 125 Badges – AUG – Underwater Apex
  • 150 Badges: Ocean Monster Banner and Metal Jaws Loot Box
  • 200 Badges: Flesh Devourer Parachute and Grenade – Flesh Devourer
  • 225 Badges: Hollow Swallow Backpack and Megajaw Torturer Bundle

Players of Garena Free Fire MAX can access the new Deep Sea Warrior Elite Pass now till the end of the month. Players can choose to upgrade their pass to get access to extra things like clothes and gun skins.

Price of the Free Fire MAX Elite Bundle

The Elite Bundle costs 999 diamonds to buy, compared to 499 diamonds for the Elite Pass. The only difference between the two is that the latter grants gamers an additional 50 badges, enabling them to immediately accrue a predetermined number of goodies.

If you have a significant number of diamonds, you must get this Elite Pass. With this upgrade, players can get two outfits and a lot of other cool stuff for a small fraction of the cost.

List of Paid Rewards

  • 0 badges: Sports Car – Metal Jaws
  • Get 10 badges: Shark Fright Avatar
  • Get 15 badges: Jaw Smile Jacket
  •  30 badges: Death Tooth Banner
  • Get 50 badges: Megafin Taunter Bundle
  • Get 80 badges: Kar98k – Apex Underwater
  •  115 badges: Shark Fright Banner
  • Get 125 badges: AUG – Apex Underwater
  • Get 135 badges: Death Tooth Avatar
  • 150 badges: Metal Jaws Loot Box
  • Get 180 badges: Hollow Swallow Backpack
  • Get 200 badges: Grenade – Flesh Devour
  •  225 badges: Megajaw Tormentor Bundle

How can Free Fire Max Rewards be accumulated?

Simple instructions must be followed by players in order to receive rewards.

First, select the “Upgrade” button under the Elite Pass area.

To upgrade their pass, choose the preferred reward option and complete the payment.

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